Social media is currently on fire with word that WTDY has, without warning, laid off most of its news staff, including Dylan Brogan and Amy Barrilleaux. John ‘Sly’ Sylvester was also let go. According to JSOnline, WTDY will no longer be news-talk, but will instead change formats. This is bad news for Wisconsin progressives, and many fans are shocked and appalled.

To let WTDY’s General Manager, Rick, know how you feel about this, you can call the station at 608-273-1000 to leave a message, or email Rick at

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  1. Liberal media my ass!

    This new guy took over a few months back, and apparently is taking the station to all-sports (apparently 2 aren’t enough in Madison). Between this and the ending of progressive stations in Portland and Seattle, something’s very fishy here.

    And don’t play the “low ratings” card. Crystal McKenzie posted that TDY’s ratings had gone up in recent quarters.

    Wisconsin radio needs to be occupied and exposed. If I’m a rightie, I’d stay very quiet on this subject, because the silencing of the left is poking at a very angry bear.

    1. I know abt the progressive clear channel format changes to sports because I used to listen to a couple of those stations. I also notice the MIC 6:00 show that used to be Thomm Hartmann is now some tech show or something, not sure cuz i turned it off.

      Something definitely afoot

      1. Thom Hartmann is still on 92.1 The MIC daily starting at 6 p.m. He follows The People’s Mic with Doug Cunningham at 5 p.m. which is locally produced by Madison’s Workers Independent News (Full disclosure: I’m one of the producers for the program).

  2. Just emailed Sly for the first time last week to “keep up the good work.” Podcasts and online access to the only progressive programing in the entire state, gone? So what is left for honest reporting? Ben (I’m a staunch Republican) Merens, with his latest third way BS or Pete Peterson sponsored, think tank “views,” or his Israeli apologist wonking, or his voter fatique, fiscal cliff deficit hawking, crapola. Joy, Fair and Balanced, Cardin giving equal billing on Friday mornings to the liars from the right-wing and calling it “educational,” and informative? Lazy ass programing but there you go. Want to talk about wasting the taxpayer’s dime? Just say WPR.

    Best of luck Sly and Crew.

  3. This was a shock to me. Sly is a great host and has a high level of understanding of state politics. Hope another station picks him up or he creates his own show in a different format. WTDY doing this right before the holidays is another classic move of modern corporate citizenship.

  4. This seems to be a trend to shut down ‘progressive’ talk and replace it with sports. KPOJ (which was profitable despite what they would like us to believe) in Portland, OR suffered an unannounced switch to FOX sports (talk about adding insult to injury) 3 days after the election when there are already 2 sports stations in Portland. The next closest progressive station is a low power station in Coos Bay (KPOJ would reach Coos Bay, but not the other way around). Seattle’s AM 1090 (KFNQ) will be converting to sports format in January (already 3 sports stations in the Seattle area). Now this one.

    There’s a SaveKPOJ facebook page and as of this writing it had 4907 likes (oops, now 4914) where the “Fox Sports radio 620” has 528 (and a bunch of people posting they want the old format back) and there is already over 14,500 signatures on the petition at

    Now it looks like this is systemic of Clear Channel (WTDY is owned by CC subsidiary Mid-West Family Broadcasting). They have been Bain-ized, loaded up with debt and now the bill is coming due.

  5. Ostracon can you explain how Mid-West Family Broadcasting is a subsidiary of Clear Channel? Any links?
    Sly made it sound like a family owned company.

      1. I’ve worked for MWFBG, and it is not Clear Channel (Bain) in any way. What it is a multi-state media group with radio in lots of marketso, so it’s not some mom-and-pop shop either.

  6. I don’t like if when any person loses their job but when I heard this idiot goof was off the air I did laugh a little. This is what he gets for saying all those offensive things about our lt. Gov and Andrew Brietbardt. On a side note who do you think he will blame for his firing Bush or Walker?

    1. How wonderfully catty, Micah and, like popcorn, completely devoid of any intellectual content. Alas, that satisfied feeling fades very quickly.

  7. Discussion is red hot over on the formerly named MadCityRadio, now just Where the anonymous can sling insults at each other with -0- chance of repercussions! But a lot of things do get leaked there.

  8. Micah, your very insulting on purpose an perhaps little minded to have to use such language an laughter. Enjoy your Vikki “entertainment only” screeching.

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