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December 2012
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Grothman On Kwanzaa: ” It’s time it’s slapped down once and for all “

The intellectually free wheelin’ Glenn Grothman is calling for mainstream Americans to stand up and speak out against Kwanzaa, the week long celebration of African heritage in African American culture, observed from December 26th through January 1st.

Grothman says the holiday is promoted only by white left wingers who want to destroy America.

Grothman’s […]


With what can only be described as the historical re-election of our President this past November, “We the People,” have learned several things about our current electoral landscape, but perhaps nothing as dramatic as how this country has rejected the platform, agenda, and ideology of the Grand Old Party! While those within GOP ranks, and […]

A fresh start for 2013

Dear readers,

I have really enjoyed blogging here at Blogging Blue over the past year, and being part of a creative, talented, and diverse team. Zach has been extremely supportive of my writing and I appreciate that. I also appreciate the time that you have taken to read my posts and the comments you have […]

NRA to Newtown: ” Maybe you just got to take your lumps when you’re free “

That’s what NRA and Wisconsin Force board member Buster Bacchuber told Chris Rickert of the Wisconsin State Journal less than a week after the Newtown massacre. ” Maybe you just got to take your lumps when you’re free.”

Think about that. And remember it in the days ahead when Congress starts deliberating on new legislation […]

Dems to introduce high capacity magazine bill

House Democrats plan to introduce a bill that will ban the production of high capacity ammunition magazines on the first day of the next congressional session, January 3rd, 2013. Though the bill has few, if any, Republican co-sponsors, Wisconsin’s Tom Petri (R-Fond du Lac) has already signaled that he might be in favor of such […]


Isn’t it ironic that Speaker Boehner, the very man who has been screaming for the previous two years to “restore fiscal sanity” in Washington, will end up being the individual responsible for the largest tax increase in American history? Let me be clear: Should the GOP and President fail to reach an agreement over the […]

Overpass Light Brigade photo exhibit kicks off January 4th in Milwaukee


The Overpass Light Brigade is much more than a group of locals holding lighted messages above freeways; it’s a positive, creative, and powerful tool for social and political change. What began as an outlet for the frustrations of a few concerned citizens during the Wisconsin Uprising has morphed into a nation-wide progressive phenomenon. And now, […]

Pavlov’s Dogs Salivate Simultaneously

“Segway” Jeremy Ryan, self styled point man of his own revolution, pulls another goofy stunt and right wing intellectuals Owen Robinson, Kevin Binversie, and James Wigderson immediately pop out a blog post about it.

Ring a bell and you’ll get some spit.

Former President in Intensive Care

Here’s hoping George H. W. Bush a speedy recovery.

Dick Armey attempts Tea Party coup with armed aide

What? Former GOP House majority leader Dick Armey, chairman of tea party group FreedomWorks, walks into the groups DC office with an armed aide who promptly escorts the top two employees off the premises? An aide wearing a side arm? Really?

Getting fired is one thing. Getting fired at is quite another. Memo to tea […]