Thursday Music: Thank You Dave Brubeck!

The first jazz musician that I was introduced to and the first jazz concert I ever attended…the marvelous Dave Brubeck Quartet…my wife and I included Take Five as the entrance music for our wedding. Mr. Brubeck would have been 92 for this Thursday Music tribute…except that he died Wednesday December 5th. You certainly made my world a better place…so thank you for your music!

RwP: Mayor Dave’s Bitterness Towards Sly, New Glarus in WH, Gwen Moore/Ron Johnson on the Cliff

This week on “Rants without Pants”, I discuss Gwen Moore and Ron Johnson’s take on the economy, the fiscal cliff and the Grover Norquist pledge, New Glarus owner’s invitation to the White House and Mayor Dave’s bitter article regarding Sly in the Morning.

00:00 5:40 – WI Rep. Gwen Moore on the Fiscal Cliff (including updated Shabhead News Alert)

5:40 – 7:29 Republican Senators willing to violate the Grover Norquist Pledge and where WI Senator Ron Johnson stand on this issue.

7:29 –8:17 New Glarus Owner Deb Carey was invited to the White House for a meeting regarding owning a small business.

8:17 – End Former Mayor Dave’s bitter and hypocritical article towards Sly in the Morning.

WXCO/AM 1230 switches to progressive talk format

This is encouraging…

WXCO station manager Steve Resnick says he made the decision to switch to a progressive format because it was hard to compete in a market already saturated with right-wing talk. Whether the station will one day hire a full-time local host is uncertain, however.

“We’re exploring the avenues to enhance the programming locally,” he says. “And it all depends on how well the current programs are performing with our listeners and advertisers.”

While the news that John “Sly” Sylvester and the entire WTDY news staff had been fired en masse was definitely a disappointment, this news about WXCO’s format switch to and efforts to get Sly back on the radio are certainly encouraging.