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December 2012
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Cudahy’s “Booze and Belts” campaign in full gear

From my email inbox comes this nugget from Sergeant Chris Blunt of the Cudahy Police Department: The Cudahy Police Department in conjunction with the St Francis and South Milwaukee Police Departments will be participating in the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s “Booze and Belts” campaign December 7-16. There will be extra officers on patrol conducting traffic […]

Michigan Republicans ram through “Right to Work for less” legislation

The war on labor unions continues in Michigan, where lame-duck Republican legislators sped through a “Right to Work for less” bill that would further weaken that state’s public employee unions, with similar legislation aimed at private unions to follow. The Michigan House approved the first of two right-to-work bills Tuesday that would weaken union power […]

“Fiscal Showdown Event” energizes, empowers Waukesha County participants

A few of the participants. Credit-Dave Heaster

About 20 people participated in the “Fiscal Showdown Event” at Rep. Sensenbrenner’s (R) office on Monday evening, according to event organizer, Dave Heaster. That’s a pretty good crowd considering the temperature (32 degrees and dropping) and the location (ultra-conservative Brookfield, Wisconsin). Though they were unable to speak directly with Rep. Sensenbrenner about their concerns, attendees […]

A Fissure in the Ass Clown Caucus?

As was reported here at Blogging Blue awhile back, the first crack in the Ass Clown Caucus (ACC) appeared when state rep Tom Larson (R-Colfax) renounced his support for arresting federal officials attempting to implement the Affordable Care Act in Wisconsin.

But is the crack widening?

The JS Online is reporting that state rep and […]

Best Laugh of the Week!

Yesterday, December 10th, a commenter named independent guy weighed in on my post titled “ Let Them (Us) Eat Cake” , which noted the mighty high price tag of Tonette Walker’s dream kitchen. Here’s what he had to say:

independent guy

December 10, 2012 at 3:09 pm · Reply · Edit

The value of this […]

I’m Still Laughing

Today on WTMJ radio, Gary Stork of NORML (National Organzation for the Repeal of Marijuana Laws) was interviewed as part of a pro v. con segment.

Here’s a link to the podcast, but I’d like to touch on a few things that were outstanding about the interview. Mainly, I laughed my ass off. Here’s why.