Wisconsin Democrats call Governor Walker out on his failed promises

Remember when gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker drove around in a 1998 Saturn, eating ham and cheese sandwiches and promising to create 250,000 jobs? It’s hard to forget, because his thrifty lifestyle and “250,000 jobs” claim probably got him elected. And remember when Governor Walker said he’d focus “like a laser” to create those 250,000 jobs […]

Husband And Wife Republicans Represent Family Values?

This isn’t a serious political point today…just a quick hit on something from the party of family values that struck my funny bone. The quote is from Yahoo (emphasis added):

Husband-and-wife team Reps. Connie Mack, R-Fla., and Mary Bono Mack, R-Calif., got some bad news on November 6. Both lost their elections and are now […]

Thursday Music: Tim Buckley Encore: Sweet Surrender

I haven’t listened to Tim Buckley in a long time…I saw him live at the Quiet Knight in Chicago just a year or so before he died. So here’s an encore presentation of Tim Buckley:

Thursday Music: Tim Buckley: Dolphins

After Zach posted a piece by Jeff Buckley, I thought you should hear a piece by the Buckley from my generation, Jeff’s father: Tim Buckley!

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