I Got My Free Stuff Today!

Ever since Obama won re-election various spittle spewing blabberjabbers on the right have been hollering about how his supporters voted for more free stuff. Well, I have news for all of them. I voted for Obama and………………  my free stuff came in the mail just this very morning!

I got a Che’ Guevara T-shirt and matching beret’, a map of Kenya, copies of both the Quran and the Communist Manifesto, and a really nice ACORN keychain and pen/pencil set.


Wiggy wins his own contest.

It didn’t take long for conservative blogger and NRA cheerleader James ” Wiggy” Wigderson to fly into damage control mania in the wake of the Newtown massacre. Before last Friday evening had ended Wigderson had published three separate posts on the tragedy, all of them within the space of three hours, including ” Dumbass Connecticut comments of the day. ”  Sounds like a contest, no?

Throughout the posts he attacked One Wisconsin Now, James Causey of the Journal Sentinel, conservative pundit David Frum, and Dylan Byer of Politico for advocating, directly and indirectly, for tighter gun regulations. They all made dumbass comments, says Wiggy.

Then he makes mention of how CBS reminds us that the worst school massacre in American history happened in Bath Township, MI, in 1927. The CBS reference to the Bath School disaster comes as a single sentence at the very end of a very long article on the Newtown massacre, but Wiggy cuts and paste’s the details from Wikipedia and makes it almost a third of his longest post of the day. Why?

Why is it so important to Wigderson that we keep in mind the Bath School disaster? What is he trying to tell us? Tragedies like Newtown and Columbine have always happened and are going to keep happening, so there’s no point in trying to stop them? We all just need some perspective right now? Is that the conclusion we’re supposed to draw, Wiggy? Really?

Dumbass Connecticut comments of the day?

God help us all.