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December 2012
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Medicare and the Fiscal Cliff

Representative John Boehner is trying to include cuts and adjustments to Medicare as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations. I won’t deny Medicare needs some serious attention to insure is liquidity for the future. But it is far too important and far too complex to be addressed with sound byte ‘fixes’ during this debate. Medicare […]

David Clarke – not a Constitutional expert!

I know I said I’d be taking a little break from blogging, but until my campaign kicks into high gear, this opinion piece by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was simply too crazy to take a pass on.

In writing about bipartisan calls for a serious national dialogue on the issue of gun control in […]

After Hanging Tough Is the President About to Sell You Out?

After hanging tough on his budget proposals for avoiding the supposed ‘fiscal cliff’, it looks like the President is willing to reduce Social Security benefits. Wait, what?

Social Security isn’t even part of the deficit problem. It is self funded and self sustaining and is liquid for quite a few more years without any tweaking […]

You’d Fire the Chairman!

What would happen to the Chairman of your employer if the company lost track of $56 million in receivables? And $12 million were past due with no efforts being made to recover them? Or 25% of the corporate credit card purchases were unaudited and unapproved by management? What if cash on hand wasn’t earning interest? […]

Walker Proposes Freeze on UW Tuition

According to the Associated Press:

Gov. Scott Walker says he’s considering several options to keep tuitions affordable in the University of Wisconsin System.

First, no matter what the governor thinks, it costs a serious amount of money to run a world class university. One that he likes to tout for it’s job creation and […]

Daniel Inouye (1924-2012)

Democratic Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, speaking at the 1968 Democratic National Convention: “In closing I wish to share with you a most scared word of Hawaii. It is aloha. To some you who visited us it may have meant hello. To others aloha may have meant goodbye. But to those of us who have […]

Dick’s Sporting Goods pulls machine guns from shelves

Friends of mine were shopping at a Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Kenosha yesterday when they noticed employees removing guns from the shelves. Certain guns are coming down from the shelves in other Wisconsin locations, too. Staff at a Dick’s Sporting Goods Store in Madison confirmed they will no longer sell Mrs machine rifles, but […]