Five Republicans, one Democrat vie for open Assembly District 98 seat

As of today, five Republicans have declared their candidacies for Wisconsin’s Assembly District 98, which covers parts of Waukesha, Pewaukee, Sussex, and Brookfield. They’re all hoping to fill the seat vacated by Paul Farrow (R), who won the (uncontested) December 4th election for Senate District 33. The GOP candidates will face off in the Republican primary on February 19, 2013, with the winner taking on Democrat Eric Prudent on April 2, 2013. I think Eric Prudent has a decent shot at winning.

This morning Waukesha Patch reported that Pewaukee’s retiring police chief Edward Baumann (R) has thrown his hat into the ring for AD 98. He joins fellow Republicans Adam Neylon (who has worked for Bill Kramer and Jim Sensenbrenner), Jeanne Tarantino (Rebecca Kleefisch’s former chief of staff), Todd Greenwald, and Matt Morzy (ardent supporter of Governor Walker).

Democrat Eric Prudent, of whom I’m a fan, has gotten a huge head start with his campaign since he already ran for AD 98 against Paul Farrow  (Farrow ran for AD 98 and SD 33 simultaneously). Eric has spoken with many people of all political stripes across the district and has some degree of name recognition, increasing his chances for a win. He’s got allies and a dedicated group of action-oriented volunteers. And since he’s not facing a primary, Prudent will be able to save his resources for the general election.

It will be an uphill battle, to be sure, as AD 98 leans Republican. But, as I have said before, if anyone is up to the challenge, it’s Eric Prudent.

Go, Eric Prudent, go!

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Eric Prudent speaks at Drinking Liberally Waukesha

Time to Dump the NRA

Former US Senator and presidential candidate Gary Hart is calling on those he terms ” legitimate gun owners ” to discontinue their membership with the National Rifle Association and form their own organization.   Hart’s argument is, essentially, that the NRA in its current form serves little purpose other than to keep a significant segment of the American population heavily armed and seriously crazy. From his blog post at Huffington Post:

” The National Rifle Association, which claims to speak for America’s gun owners, makes only one argument for assault weapons: if “they” take away our assault weapons, then “they”  will come for our sporting guns.  Never mind that the mysterious “they,” purposely left vague to serve the needs of paranoia, is the government of the United States whose president and members of Congress are all elected by a majority of American citizens.

Outside the arena of combat, assault weapons serve no plausible purpose.  To justify private ownership of combat weapons, therefore, a military purpose must be imagined.

The needs of paranoia require fear, fear that embraces black helicopters, abdication of U.S. sovereignty, U.N. government, and assumption of power by the Trilateral Commission.  Assault weapons are required to prevent this take over.  What the U.S. Army is doing while all this is happening is never quite clear. “

Hart is spot on. Sane, responsible gun owners don’t need assault weapons to defend themselves against conjured, phantom enemies, and they should reconsider their financial support of an organization that seems to have devolved into nothing more than a wellspring of gun totin’, trigger happy paranoia.

Time to dump the NRA.

The Stupid, It Hurts

I was curious what our anti-smart counterparts at Fred Dooley’s hilariously named Real Debate Wisconsin blog would have to say about the Newtown massacre. I was disappointed, but not surprised, that contributor “still unreal” thought it necessary to trivialize the event in the following manner.

“This may surprise some of you, but I’m for banning all guns.  Also while we’re at it, lets prevent any future copycats by being proactive:  I say we also ban light sabers now, before its too late. And we should probably pull Star Wars off the shelves, too.  Seems logical, right?”

Where do these people get this crap? Lights sabers and Star Wars? Video games? Let’s get real. A gun, a singularly designed weapon to kill lots of people quickly was used to kill children. At a public school. Dynamite was not used. Knives, baseball bats, ninja stars, nukes, light sabers nor zombies were used. No, it was a gun. People died.

It didn’t happen because there were too few males. It didn’t happen because the kids failed to harness their inner Chuck Norris and rush and take down the shooter. It didn’t happen because the shooter was tranked on playing Grand Theft Auto all night. It didn’t happen because the school was designated a gun free zone. It didn’t happen because god is pissed. It didn’t happen because someone forgot their gun at home and could have defended themselves. And it didn’t happen because of Sheriff Clarke’s assertion that Israeli-type ideas regarding defense were not used. If the man had half a brain he would know that gun laws in Israeli are highly restrictive and that only law enforcement, the military or those properly trained and licensed in settlements prone to attack are allowed to carry.

It happened because the shooter was mentally ill and had easy access to deadly weaponry.

Let’s get serious. A serious discussion about the accessibility of guns is needed. Not snide trivializations.  By doing so you diminish the lives abruptly ended.