Five Republicans, one Democrat vie for open Assembly District 98 seat

As of today, five Republicans have declared their candidacies for Wisconsin’s Assembly District 98, which covers parts of Waukesha, Pewaukee, Sussex, and Brookfield. They’re all hoping to fill the seat vacated by Paul Farrow (R), who won the (uncontested) December 4th election for Senate District 33. The GOP candidates will face off in the Republican […]

Thursday Music: Christmas Carols From My Son and His Comrades in Arms

Some Christmas music from the Woodwind Quartet of the 25th Infantry’s Army Band…including my favorite flute player!

Time to Dump the NRA

Former US Senator and presidential candidate Gary Hart is calling on those he terms ” legitimate gun owners ” to discontinue their membership with the National Rifle Association and form their own organization. Hart’s argument is, essentially, that the NRA in its current form serves little purpose other than to keep a significant segment of […]

The Stupid, It Hurts

I was curious what our anti-smart counterparts at Fred Dooley’s hilariously named Real Debate Wisconsin blog would have to say about the Newtown massacre. I was disappointed, but not surprised, that contributor “still unreal” thought it necessary to trivialize the event in the following manner.

“This may surprise some of you, but I’m for banning […]

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