Dear readers,

I have really enjoyed blogging here at Blogging Blue over the past year, and being part of a creative, talented, and diverse team. Zach has been extremely supportive of my writing and I appreciate that. I also appreciate the time that you have taken to read my posts and the comments you have made. I have learned a lot from you all. But with the new year comes an opportunity for a fresh start, and I am going to seize it.

Beginning in 2013, I will re-build my Waukesha Wonk website (this time with enough security to deter spammers!) and begin a new blogging chapter. The posts will be similar to those I have shared here at Blogging Blue, and I won’t hesitate to address controversial subjects. Comments and discussion will be welcomed, of course, but I will not tolerate incivility. My belief is that readers can disagree with me and with others without name-calling, and without making it personal.

So please check me out at And you can continue to reach me on Facebook at and on twitter @muxywithmoxie.

Thanks again, everybody, and Happy New Year!

Lisa Mux

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13 Responses to A fresh start for 2013

  1. Adam Schabow says:

    I’m looking forward in checking out the newly rebuilt Waukesha Wonk! Keep up the great work Lisa!

  2. Aaron Camp says:

    Lisa, I’m glad you’re rebuilding your old blog.

  3. Good luck and thanks for your contributions here.

  4. capper says:

    Good luck to both of you!

  5. Rob Golla says:

    Good luck!

  6. KAH says:

    I will add Waukesha Wonk to my bookmarks right now. 🙂

  7. […] a new year comes a fresh start. After spending the last year writing for Blogging Blue, I have decided to return to my Waukesha Wonk blog. I’m pleased to announce that fellow […]

  8. Steve® says:

    Wow you’re so special

    • Muxy says:

      You know, Steve, during my time at BB you could not, or would not, afford me basic human respect. I did not deserve to be treated with such contempt-you don’t even know me. Furthermore, I would never treat others the way you treated me, just because we disagree politically. Your comments will not be welcome at my new site.

    • Apparently even basic civility is lost on Steve. At any rate, I’ll reiterate that I’m sorry to see you go Lisa.

      • Trademark Steve is just a coward, Lisa. Here’s what you should have replied.

        ” Trademark Steve. You’re a coward and a pussy. Thanks for stopping by. ”

        Sorry to see you go too. Lisa.

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