Democratic Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, speaking at the 1968 Democratic National Convention:

“In closing I wish to share with you a most scared word of Hawaii. It is aloha. To some you who visited us it may have meant hello. To others aloha may have meant goodbye. But to those of us who have been privileged to live in Hawaii, aloha means I love you. So to all of you, my fellow Americans, aloha.”

Rest in peace, Daniel Inouye.


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2 Responses to Daniel Inouye (1924-2012)

  1. Cat Kin says:

    I have his book. He and Moynihan represented for me the pinnacle of Democratic leadership.

  2. independent guy says:

    Mr. Inouye was truly a great American and his life’s story is fascinating and amazing.
    I am glad he is remembered here.

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