Has there been a less qualified candidate to oversee our state’s public school system than Don Pridemore?

Republican state Rep. Don Pridemore launched his campaign to become Wisconsin’s top education leader on Monday, saying he would bring a conservative approach to the job while refusing to talk specifically about what policies he would push.

It’s notable that despite the fact that the office of Superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction is a nonpartisan position, Pridemore made a point to mention Republican Gov. Scott Walker would have a friend in the office if he (Pridemore) were elected.

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One Response to Don Pridemore to run for Superintendent of Department of Public Instruction

  1. Sue says:

    This will be an interesting race to watch if there isn’t a primary and it goes all the way. Pridemore is used to putting up a few “RINO” signs against his opponent and walking away with the race. He has been able to run campaigns by being cheap and rudely creative (in his first campaign, against an incumbent who wasn’t paying attention, he pulled his car up to an outdoor library event in Hartford and began trolling for votes there like it was his own campaign event) but this will be quite different.
    My guess is that he wouldn’t be running if he hadn’t already lined up some important funding and promises of support.

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