The above title is James “Wiggy” Wigderson’s description of wannabe superintendent of Public Instruction, State Rep Don Pridemore, (R-Hartford).

Full jacket crackpot? Not bad, but I still prefer to think of Pridemore as a member in good standing of the Ass Clown Caucus.


One Response to Full Jacket Crackpot

  1. Aaron Camp says:

    If Wiggy, who is a right-wing nutcase in his own right, is calling Pridemore a “crackpot”, that says a lot about who Pridemore is.

    Don Pridemore has no business whatsoever running statewide in Wisconsin. As a matter of fact, Charlie Sykes, a notorious right-wing shock jock, predicted that Pridemore would get 32% of the vote against Evers.

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