In a tremendous effort to get a dozen stories out of one visit by Governor Walker to their newsroom and a little talk locally, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today, decided to surmise on potential Democratic challengers in the 2014 gubernatorial election.

My early pick: ABBA! Anybody But Barrett Again!

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One Response to I Support ABBA for Governor

  1. Adam Schabow says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the big guy, Russ Feingold himself, runs. He didn’t run in the recall, but I think it may have been just too soon for him. I have no doubt that the citizens of WI have buyers remorse with Ron Johnson as Senator. I think they would love to have Russ Feingold back, representing this state.

    Also, on a side note, Walker needs to stop saying that he’s created 86,000 new jobs…and the media needs to call him on it.

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