The war on labor unions continues in Michigan, where lame-duck Republican legislators sped through a “Right to Work for less” bill that would further weaken that state’s public employee unions, with similar legislation aimed at private unions to follow.

The Michigan House approved the first of two right-to-work bills Tuesday that would weaken union power in the historical labor stronghold as hundreds of protesters rallied at the Capitol.

The Republican-dominated chamber passed a measure dealing with public-sector workers 58-51 as protesters shouted “shame on you” from the gallery and huge crowds of union backers massed in the state Capitol halls and on the grounds.

Democrats immediately sought to have the vote reconsidered but failed in that effort.

Still to come was a vote on a second bill focusing on private sector workers. The Senate approved both last week. If enacted, Gov. Rick Snyder says he will sign them into law as early as Wednesday.

No doubt we can look forward to Republicans in Wisconsin’s legislature pushing through their own “Right to Work for less” legislation for private sector unions in our fair state, now that they’ve already weakened public employee unions.

If that happens, I can’t wait to have a little “get-together” at the State Capitol.

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15 Responses to Michigan Republicans ram through “Right to Work for less” legislation

  1. Steve® says:

    Do they use a different colored fist in Michigan?

    Yep, unions are a thug political organization

  2. Other Side says:

    Renewed troll alert!

    • Steve® says:

      I am the Other Side®

      When you can’t compete just roll over

      • nonquixote says:

        Would that be a competition to be the most ® Ridiculous, Repugnant, Redundant, Rude or Retrograde?

        Nothing you post here has much of any Relevance or is Reliable to any extent in Reflecting Reality.

  3. Jeremy Blomberg says:

    Yeah it’s pretty horrible what’s been happening. I honestly don’t know what we can do at this point…besides “stand up, fight back.” It’s only going to get worse from here on out, and it’s about time we start acting with a bit of strategy. I mean let’s be honest here, the money is not going to stop rolling into state politics after these huge defeats. I guess the question is how do we beat ALEC, how do we defeat the Koch Brothers?

    Memes are funny, I suppose (in a limited way) they help educate the ignorant populous…also, they are all the rage these days…

    • Steve® says:

      I really do not see what the problem is here. They just passed legislation that gives workers a choice. It would seem to me that this would benefit union workers too as it would force the union fatcats to make it worth while to join the union instead of collecting union dues and donating it to political campaigns by force. Choice is good no?

  4. Duane12 says:

    It looks as though the phony, Snyder, has called out the Corporate thugs(AFP) and the NRA nazis to fake an incident so his GOP legislature can pass a law to prohibit the right of assembly,especially unions.

    Snyder must take his marching orders from the Koch Klan Konspiracy just like Walker does.

    “Oh, the humanity!”

  5. independent guy says:

    The term “Right to Work” does not portray itself very well.
    We’re all about choice aren’t we? Pro’s and con’s depending upon which side of the fence you are on.

    Anyway, as long as I have you all here…

  6. Ernest Martinson says:

    The right to work without forced payment of union dues is sweet. Way to go Michiganders! Let freedom ring! On to Wisconsin! The next step is complete elimination of slave labor throughout America following repeal of income and payroll taxes. The Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves in Confederate territory. Let a new Emancipation Proclamation free workers, including immigrants, from slave labor to government throughout America, the land of the free.

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