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WXCO station manager Steve Resnick says he made the decision to switch to a progressive format because it was hard to compete in a market already saturated with right-wing talk. Whether the station will one day hire a full-time local host is uncertain, however.

“We’re exploring the avenues to enhance the programming locally,” he says. “And it all depends on how well the current programs are performing with our listeners and advertisers.”

While the news that John “Sly” Sylvester and the entire WTDY news staff had been fired en masse was definitely a disappointment, this news about WXCO’s format switch to and efforts to get Sly back on the radio are certainly encouraging.

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4 Responses to WXCO/AM 1230 switches to progressive talk format

  1. Edward Susterich says:

    Chicago’s WCPT (Chicago Progressive Talk) on 820 AM does get into Milwaukee area fairly well during the day with a full schedule of progressive talk. Also WRJN Racine on 1400 AM carries Ed Schultz in the same 11 AM to 2 PM time slot. Let’s also include WMCS 1290 AM that serves all of Milwaukee with coverage of more local issues starting with Eric Von in the morning and later with Earl Ingram in late afternoon drive time. Skip the drivel from Sykes, Wagner, Limbaugh, Belling, Weber, McKenna,, but spot check occasionally to see what advertisers to avoid supporting.

  2. Jack Craver says:

    The problem is that — at least for now — XCO and many other stations don’t have any local programs. Regardless of political viewpoint, THAT is what makes the radio worth turning on.

  3. Cat Kin says:

    I can’t hear WPR stations in Eau Claire at home, only in my car. Essential, however, that somebody broadcasts for the general public instead of internationally focused corporations. It’s getting a bit scarey for me. Our sheep aren’t being led and they’re shifting over to the slaughter herd.

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