What would happen to the Chairman of your employer if the company lost track of $56 million in receivables? And $12 million were past due with no efforts being made to recover them? Or 25% of the corporate credit card purchases were unaudited and unapproved by management? What if cash on hand wasn’t earning interest? What if the entries in the books didn’t meet accounting standards? Or expenses didn’t have supporting documentation?

You’d want the Chairman, most of the board, and the corporate executives fired!

But this is exactly the state of affairs at the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). The quasi-private corporation that Governor Walker created to replace the Wisconsin Department of Commerce. So all that hype and campaign rhetoric about running government like a business? Well, the can’t even run a government business like a business. If this weren’t a government entity, it’s a good chance government regulators would be taking this over in order to straighten it out.

So who is the Chairman who’s head should be on the block? Well none other than Governor Scott Walker! He just hasn’t a clue on how to manage…one more reason to tell him “You’re Fired” in 2014!

6 Responses to You’d Fire the Chairman!

  1. Guy William Shilts jr says:

    Walker doesn’t seem to have any management skills. All he does is mess up&lie.

  2. jimspice says:

    The righty blogs are conspicuously silent on this one.

  3. Teresa A. Smith-Wenske says:

    This situation begs that the question, “how did the recall fail?”

  4. Laurie G says:

    as in the public sector…if a board of directors were to take a vote and it came out 2-1 in favor of the chair….so be the board. We as a consituancy…or shareholder,we need to put pressure on the board; i.e. the walker administration to correct itself or run someone against him in 2014. In addition, elect those who will force walker to do the peoples’ will.

  5. Sue says:

    Well, it would help if the majority of newspapers in this state started acting more like newspapers and less like company newsletters.

  6. Charles Kuehn says:

    Well, Teresa, the recall didn\’t fail. It was undermined by Diebold.

    And Sue, the company newsletters that pass for newspapers in this state, not unexpectedly, failed to make more than cursory, if any, mention of the also-not-unexpected disparities between exit polls and vote totals in that recall.

    So is it any surprise that the state\’s newspapers, as well as the righty bloggers, are deafeningly silent on the WEDC scandal?

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