The Republican tradition of ousting the Speaker

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After a painful rejection by his own party in his attempt to pass a bill to avoid the fiscal cliff, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is at the center of ouster talks. While Boehner is undoubtedly still in a strong position, past history might give him some reasons to worry. House Republicans have had a propensity, throughout the 20th century, for periodically getting rid of their leaders.

Given the fractures within the House GOP following the vote on the “fiscal cliff” bill earlier this week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Speaker John Boehner face a challenge from within his party. Granted, I don’t think such a challenge would be successful, but it would demonstrate just how fractured the House GOP (and the GOP in general) really is.

Republicans in Desperate Race to Deny Demographic Changes

Republican gerrymandering of district lines may begin to pay off in other ways than winning a disproportionate number of state legislative seats. With control of state legislatures in the majority of states, many in blue states, Republicans are expected to introduce bills that would eliminate the winner-take-all electoral college rule.

So, despite losing the popular vote by a substantial margin, Republicans continue to look for ways to preserve their WASP advantage even though the nation is tilting away from that demographic.  Keep an eye on Walker and his minions. 

Putin would be proud.

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