Whither MKE Cnty: Referendum? They’ve Already Lied to You!

As State Representative (and former County Supervisor) Joe Sanfelippo fine tunes his referendum to dismantle MKE County government as we know it, he’s now decided to only include the changes to County Supervisor pay and benefits in a binding referendum. This is his suggestion to reduce supervisor salaries to $15,000 per year compared to their […]

Whither MKE Cnty: I Suggest New Chats with the Chair!

Milwaukee County Board Chair Marina Dimitrijevic’s tour of Milwaukee county via her Chats with the Chair is a breath of fresh air for county residents. Instead of hiding in the moated community that is the County Courthouse like her predecessor, Chairwoman Dimitrijevic gave county residents a chance to meet her and hear her concerns about […]

President To Take Oath of Office on MLK and Lincoln Bibles But WHY?

First of all I don’t understand why he needs two bibles…but then on the other hand I don’t understand why we are using bibles at all…the President and every elected and appointed official who has to take an oath of office should be using a copy of the US Constitution…it is after all the document […]

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