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January 2013
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Just one thought on Gov. Walker’s “State of the State”

Republican Gov. Scott Walker during tonight’s State of the State address: “Helping the people of Wisconsin create more jobs is my number one priority.”

Someone should tell that to the 111 workers at the Golden Guernsey Dairy who were permanently laid off just over a week ago.

Whither MKE Cnty: $15,000 Isn’t A Casual Number

it happens to be minimum wage for 40 hours per week…

Whither MKE Cnty: What’s In It For the Greater Milwaukee Committee?

As Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote earlier this week:

A proposal to slash the salaries of Milwaukee County Board members is being drafted by a Republican lawmaker and promoted by the Democratic county leader.

But the real political muscle behind the legislation comes from a group that is working the issue […]

Wisconsin parents call for re-investment in K-12 public education: ‘Repair the damage’

[This is the press release referred to in Parents Respond to Walker’s Education Policy post]

For Immediate Release, January 14, 2013 Contact: Jasmine Alinder, (414) 378-7262 or Angela McManaman, (414) 793-4815

Wisconsin parents call for re-investment in K-12 public education:‘Repair the damage’

It’s a new year, and new, improved education funding possibilities await Wisconsin schoolchildren. […]

Parents Respond to Walker’s Education Policy

[This is from my email inbox. And for full disclosure it was emailed to me by WEAC]

Important Message from Concerned Parents

Dear Friends of Public Education:

Tonight is an important night for Wisconsin K-12 public education. Scott Walker will present his State of the State address at 7pm, and is expected to go on […]

Whither MKE Cnty: Abolish Municipal Governments

One of the continuing memes relating to reducing county supervisor salaries is the amount of money the county will save…approximately $850,000…which by the way is just under 90 cents per county resident.

And of course there is continued talk that county government is an unnecessary layer of government that doesn’t have many functions in the […]