Whither MKE County: County Government Displays Its Dysfunction Once Again!

The latest round of dysfunction in Milwaukee County government is the brouhaha started by first term County Supervisor Deanna Alexander. As reported by MJS’ Daniel Bice in a recent No Quarter article, Sup. Alexander accused the other board members of intentionally preventing her from doing her job. Specifically that board leadership was preventing her from […]

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”

Interesting…. Gov. Scott Walker transferred $40,000 from his campaign account to his legal defense fund on the last day of 2012, according to his latest finance report.

The transfer to the Scott Walker Trust raises new questions about the status of the long-running John Doe investigation in Milwaukee that has ensnared former aides from […]

Thursday Music: Soundtrack for Sheriff Clarke’s Ad

Clash: Tommy Gun

Tommy gun, you ain’t happy less you got one Tommy gun, ain’t gonna shoot the place up just for fun Maybe he wants to die for the money Maybe he wants to kill for his country Whatever he wants, he’s gonna get it

Tommy gun, you better strip it down for […]

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