3 Replies to “A note on Social Security solvency”

  1. Everyone knows thia. It’s Medicare that’s the problem. But Republicans like the throw out the term “entitlements” so as to include Social Security as the unavoidable coming debt problem. But Medicare costs are directly related to two things. 1) The “entitlement” healthcare organizations and drug companies think they have to raise prices to increase shareholder value and not worry about getting paid. It is the healthcare companies and the Venture Capitalists requiring, and getting, larger and larger profits from the system, and 2) whose regulators have been bought off.

    Now what are we going to do about it?

  2. I am assuming the benefits formula would not be adjusted under this scenario? Also, this bumper sticker proposal does not say whether the employer side cap would be lifted as well. See, that’s the part most people don’t know or forget about – that the employer is required to match the employee side at 6.2% as well. So you want a 12.4% TAX on everyone’s complete salaries – in addition to new ObamaCare taxes – where does it end?! (Though I would also question how many people are getting a billion dollar SALARY subject to payroll tax anyway). I also wonder the effect of Obama underfunding Social Security will have on the solvency as well.

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