The following is an op-ed written by Duane Dubey, who comments here as Duane 12. This was originally published in the La Crosse Tribune.

Recently my congressional district was changed from the 3rd District with Ron Kind as my representative to the 7th District with Sean Duffy.

As a voting citizen of the 3rd District for almost 20 years, I was denied a voice or a vote in the matter. I was a political victim of an unethical and patently unfair gerrymandering by the state Republican-controlled Legislature to ensure and maximize the continuation of Republican policies and politicians.

Reviewing Duffy’s voting record and his supporters, I was dismayed, concluding he was one more politician beholden more to special interests than the people.

His “A” rating by the NRA revealed to me he was, in effect, a political agent of the gun manufacturers and their greed. I recently called Congressman Duffy’s office to express my outrage and opinion that those who have opposed reasonable gun control such as requiring background checks at gun shows and clip limitations should be held accountable.

I was further dismayed, but not surprised, to see that Duffy, voted “no” in the “over the cliff” legislation, H.R. 8, American Tax Relief Act of 2012.

I am a lifelong hunter, a gun owner and an enlistee and veteran of the Korean War, and I voted in the past for Republican Steve Gunderson to represent me in the 3rd Congressional District.

Sean Duffy, based upon his record — past and present — is the worst congressional representative I’ve had in my 60 years as a Wisconsin voter. I pray he has the moral courage to change his ways.

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9 Responses to Duane Dubey: Duffy is my worst congressman ever

  1. Cat Kin says:

    Mr. Dubey, you had a chance to help vote Duffy out. Dave Obey and other progressive minded Winsconsin political figures canvassed for Pat Kreitlow in the last election. Pat ran an interesting and open race for the District 7 congressional seat. He knew it had been jerrymandered against Democrats, but he worked hard to bring good representation back to Wisconsin. Your wish for Duffy to change his spots will get nowhere. Duffy was reelected on the kind of “worst representation ever” record you abhor and will continue to ungovern for the Walker cause–which is to weaken public support of transparent and just government in Wisconsin and give complete control to corporate interests. This type of governing is anathema to the any real American patriotism that Walker and Duffy spuriously espouse: it allows multinational corporations to control the great people and abundant assets of Wisconsin.

    • Duane12 says:

      I did my best by voting for Kreitlow, but recognized the Republican gerrymandering was another form of voter suppression making my vote ineffective.

      It is ironic or perhaps hypocritical that Duffy, a Catholic and pro-life zealot. enables the gun makers though NRA to continue furnishing the weapons to mass abort the lives of men, women, and children as at Sandy Hook School.

      Thank you for your support.

  2. Here’s Sean at his finest.

  3. forgotmyscreenname says:

    You missed my op-ed where I called Ms. Baldwin my worst senator ever.

  4. Duane12 says:

    “Golly, Zero…” to use Little Orphan Annie’s expression of surprise or wonderment, Tammy has only been on the job for a couple weeks as a Senator. Duffy, the log roller, has been rolling Wisconsin citizens for a couple of years. No comparison.

  5. Duane12 says:

    I am also aware that Duffy, joined by fellow House Republicans Sensenbrenner, Petri, Ryan, and Johnson in the Senate voted against relief as reported in “As the East Coast Struggles in Sandy’s Wake, the Wisconsin Weasels in Congress Shun Her Victims” at

    OMG! Do not their actions or lack thereof border on “crimes against humanity?” The victims of Sandy have waited and suffered for over two months

    Governor Christie, New Jersey citizens, and victims of Sandy, I apologize for Wisconsin’s Republican, Congressional delegation and their inhumane inaction. I am ashamed of their political payback.

  6. Duane12 says:

    Excuse me for talking to myself, but there is some late breaking news.

    It appears “Duffy is my worst Congressman Ever” infamy may e challenged by Kelly Westlund of Ashland/ best ever fame.

    Let’s send Duffy back to log rolling, brewing more tea for the party, or nothing harmful to our children in the future such as his NO vote on gun control legislation.

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