Just one thought on Gov. Walker’s “State of the State”

Republican Gov. Scott Walker during tonight’s State of the State address: “Helping the people of Wisconsin create more jobs is my number one priority.”

Someone should tell that to the 111 workers at the Golden Guernsey Dairy who were permanently laid off just over a week ago.

5 Replies to “Just one thought on Gov. Walker’s “State of the State””

  1. Interesting shift of focus in that HE previously promised HE was going to, “bring in,” or, “create,” 250K jobs and that job is seemingly OUR job now. That should leave him a little more time to pad that legal defense fund. Where is the line to get my job creator subsidy?

  2. Nonquixote- The business plan is quite simple.

    1. Give a minimum of $5,000 to the Friends if Scott Walker

    2. Get WEDC tax credits or “loans”.

    3. Profit! Not necessarily create jobs or pay more taxes but….PROFIT!

    Cool, huh?

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