Governor Walker Rewrites Portions of the Oxford English Dictionary!

In his discussion today with the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, covering the expansion of off reservation tribal casinos in Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker suggested that he would only approve a new casino if the other tribes reach a ‘consensus’ on permitting a new casino! Yes that’s exactly what he said but it’s not exactly what he meant…but here I’ll let him explain:

Walker said there must be “consensus” among all the state’s tribes before he would approve an off-reservation casino. The governor’s approval is required by federal law before any tribe can open an off-reservation casino.

Walker defined consensus as unanimous approval. (emphasis mine)

“Consensus doesn’t mean 10 yes and one no,” Walker said in a meeting with Journal Sentinel editors and reporters. “Consensus means everybody says yes.”

Oh Oh Oh…can we use this definition of consensus for all future deliberations in Madison?

Governor Walker Threatens to Inhibit Free Market Competition

Governor Walker held one of his periodic touch bases with the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today…and we will see their interpretation of his sage wisdom via any number of articles over the next few days…but one of the first items of discussion was the approval process for any new off reservation tribal casinos in Wisconsin. Federal law requires the governor’s approval before any new off reservation casinos can be opened. Here’s what he had to say:

Gov. Scott Walker says all 11 Wisconsin tribes must agree before any new off-reservation casino is opened in the state.

Walker told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board on Thursday that tribes must be unanimous before approving a new off-reservation casino. Walker says that is “absolutely” a “difficult wall to hurdle.”

Isn’t this totally in opposition to the ‘free market’ and ‘competition breeds efficiencies’ base tenets of the tea party and the conservative wing of the Republican Party? Will he get excommunicated for denying capitalism in the casino trade? We don’t need more casinos but I don’t see how this rule is appropriate. And if a tribe meets all of the other rules necessary to open a casino, I think the free market should say have at it!!

How indebted to the Potowatami is Governor Walker?

Stay classy, Sean Duffy!

During a town hall meeting last week, Republican Rep. Sean Duffy refused to take a position on whether transvaginal ultrasounds should be mandatory for women seeking abortions because (in his words) “I haven’t had one.”

Funny….because not having one never stopped Sean Duffy from trying to tell women what they can and can’t do when it comes to their vaginas, ovaries, and uteri.