I just published a press release from US Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI – 4) voicing her reasons for opposing State Representative Joe Sanfelippo’s bill to blow up Milwaukee County Government as we know it. Ms. Moore’s press release covers a number of salient points about the value of county government and what would be lost in Milwaukee County if these changes are allowed to occur.

But she also discussed county government as a training ground for new political activists who then go on to bigger and sometimes better things:

“The County Board has and continues to be a great forum for civic engagement, helping to groom our future public servants. Our own U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin was once a County Board Supervisor. The many changes delineated in this bill…will limit opportunities and access for all who seek to be active and engaged in their community.”

Now this is certainly true…and I don’t disagree with this sentiment on its face…and I respect people like Senator Baldwin and State Senators Chris Larson and Nikiya Harris who have earned their stripes as county supervisors. But that isn’t a reason to preserve the status quo in Milwaukee County government. The decision to keep county government as is, downsize it, part-time it, or reform it in any manner should be determined locally by the needs and expectations of the residents of Milwaukee County!

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