Just wanted to say thanks

Still kind of busy, but I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who’s made Blogging Blue such a success over the past year. Blogging Blue was
just named as one of the best state-based political blogs by Chris Cillizza’s The Fix blog.

It’s because of all the great folks who’ve contributed here – as well as those of you who comment and contribute to the dialogue – that Blogging Blue has been so successful, so thank you all!

9 thoughts on “Just wanted to say thanks

  1. Mike Schmidt

    Being able to comment without a bunch of bullsh#t is also very nice. Keep up the good work !… Mike

  2. Cat Kin

    The majority of credit goes to you, Zach, for all the time, effort and discernment. you’ve put into the blog. That’s encouraged competent and relavant participation, usually interesting to read even for us midwestern Wisconsinites.

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