I brought this up a number of times in my Whither MKE County series and I am bringing it up again because two constituents brought it up at the 14th District OUR Milwaukee County listening session last night.

County Government has done an exceptionally poor job of selling itself. County residents don’t know the role of county government, are confused about the services the county provides, and they don’t know or understand what their county supervisors do. I have suggested that they spend time at town hall meetings explaining these issues. It has to be hard for someone who isn’t clear on what county government means to our area to make a good decision on any reforms in Milwaukee county.

TWO speakers at last night’s town hall made this painfully obvious once again. Questions voiced included: What do supervisors do? What are the responsibilities of a county supervisor? What is a supervisor’s typical day like?

If people interested and concerned enough to show up on a cold snowy evening in March have those questions on their mind, what about the general population of Milwaukee County???

If our county board actually wants to get a fair shake in the county reform game, they had better sell the value of Milwaukee County Government…or else they will find themselves on the losing end of another 82% to 28% Sanfelippo referendum!

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