(MILWAUKEE) – The Milwaukee County Board’s budget will be cut by 50 percent under a bold new set of initiatives proposed before an “Our Milwaukee County” listening session Thursday night.

The major initiative includes but is not limited to government streamlining, mandatory training for County Supervisors to clarify roles and responsibilities in County governance.

“This […]

Chris Moews criticizes David Clarke’s response to Boston bomb attack

On Wednesday Lt. Chris Moews, a candidate for Milwaukee County Sheriff in the 2014 election, issued a press release criticizing Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s response to the Boston bomb attack this week. “As a law enforcement officer and a detective who works every day to both solve and prevent crime on Milwaukee’s streets, I […]

Why do we need universal background checks for all gun buyers? Here’s why!

This week a bipartisan group of Republicans and red-state Democrats successfully filibustered the bipartisan Manchin-Toomey bill that would have implemented universal background checks for all gun buyers. Many of those Senators who voted against ending the filibuster cited their fears that such a bill would lead to a national gun registry (a lie, considering the […]

OUR Milwaukee County: Special Announcement Before Next Listening Session!

MEDIA ADVISORY Important Announcement by Milwaukee County Supervisors, State Legislators, Community Leaders :

There will be an important announcement by County Supervisors, State Legislators and community leaders during a news conference at the Washington Park Senior Center in Milwaukee at 6 p.m. Thursday.

The important announcement will be followed by an “OUR Milwaukee County” […]

Thursday Music: Marianne Faithfull ~ Working Class Hero

Zach is fond of the Green Day version of John Lennon’s primary opus…but I prefer Ms. Faithfull:

Thursday Music: Crab Canon on Mobius Strip

A little fun for the day. Colin Marshall’s commentary following the video is well worth a read. Actually, read before watching. It’s better that way.

For the adventuresome, scroll down to Glenn Gould’s “remarks” on Bach. He’s mad as a hatter, but genius. He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, but I’m never […]

Genuine Compromise and the Domino Effect: Inaction is Not an Option

Not often do Americans mark April 18, 1783 on their calendars as a day of special remembrance. Yet, it is a memorable date. On this day 230 years ago, James Madison introduced an amendment to the Articles of Confederation – the Federal Ratio, popularly termed the 3/5 Compromise. The compromise aimed to apportion the number […]

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