Speaking in Ripon on April 4, Republican Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch explained that the income tax cut proposed by Gov. Scott Walker in his latest budget will enable citizens to buy 40 Little Caesers pizzas.

“I think the average family understands this is just a down payment on the future. Also, if you saw a $100 bill on the sidewalk, would you walk by it? I’m a mother of two. That would mean 40 Little Caesars pizzas. That makes a tangible difference.”

Using Lt. Gov. Kleefisch’s “logic,” the anti-union policies enacted by Gov. Scott Walker shortly after he was inaugurated in 2011 have kept 160 Little Caeser’s pizzas per year off my family’s table, so the income tax cut proposed by Gov. Walker and supported by Lt. Gov. Kleefisch won’t put all those lost pizzas back on my family’s table.

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9 Responses to Gov. Scott Walker has taken 160 Little Caeser’s pizzas per year off my family’s table

  1. The Kleefisch logic is mindboggling! I can’t do the math!! Are you using Becky’s “for-real-math”, where a pizza costs $2.50, or the actual market price of a Little Caesar’s pizza, which is $5, in which case you have actually been robbed of 320 pizzas?!

  2. Wait, I did that backwards. In the REAL math, you’ve only been robbed of 80 pizzas. Why are you so greedy? A small sacrifice to make for austerity and the benefit of the rich.

  3. No Heather, I’ve been robbed of 160 pizzas per year, using Kleefisch’s math.

    That’s a lotta pizza pies.

  4. Too many. Our “average family” isn’t getting any bonus pizzas either.

  5. Sue says:

    Why isn’t she counting using Papa John’s pizzas? That’s the company whose founder publicly came out against Obamacare, fretting about having to raise prices in order to cover employees who incidentally work with food. You’d think she’d use a true Republican hero when she talks about buying pizza from ill employees.

    • Rich says:

      Careful there. Your use of “true” and “Republican” in the same sentence runs a high risk of causing a rip in the space time continuum.

  6. Mikey says:

    Feeding your child 40 little ceasars pizzas a year is like child abuse.

  7. Cat Kin says:

    The A.L.E.C. plan to usurp the United States assets is noteworthy by its faithful application by our honorable governor and his minions. For every dollar in income, rights and environment taken by the Wisconsin Republican legislature they relentlessly return a nickle.

  8. Trader Joe says:

    Explain to me exactly HOW Scott Walker has cost YOU 160 pizzas please

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