In a short question and answer session with AARP, President Obama readily admits that the fuels refined from oil transported to the gulf through the Keystone XL pipeline will be exported…not used in the good ole USA and won’t hold down the prices of domestic fuels…no matter what the proponents of the pipeline would have us believe…under those circumstances there is no way the President should approve way in hell:

Q: Is the Keystone XL pipeline more about jobs than oil?

A: Canada has what are called tar sands. It’s an expensive way of extracting oil, but they’re producing a lot of it now. And they want to build a pipeline to pump from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, where they can then export that oil all around the world. It’s not going to make a dent in gas prices here in the United States. Ultimately, the way we free ourselves from this annual spike in gas prices is to diversify our energy to solar, wind and biofuels. I want to produce more oil. We probably have a 100-year supply of natural gas. Most importantly, I want to continue to be more efficient in how we use energy. So, for example, me doubling fuel-efficiency standards on cars ultimately will save the average consumer $8,000 at the pump [over time] when it takes full effect a decade from now, because everybody’s going to be getting 55 mpg on their car. And that savings is equal to what would be pumped through the Keystone pipeline for 45 years.

One Response to Obama Knows the Keystone XL Pipeline Is An Export Process!

  1. Cat Kin says:

    The continued discussions, rejections and re-discussions on this issue, as well as many other environmental issues that foreign nations are inflicting and have inflicted on this country is a direct instance of International Corporate influence on U.S. legislatures. This has been going on since Alexander Hamilton and the Supreme Court has been whittling away at the protections to the public put in place especially after the great depression of 1929. The Citizen’s United decision was The Illuminati’s ultimate gift to the Bush era notion of “World Order.” Until we get International Corporations out of our politics nasty issues like this pipeline will continue.

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