Alan Grayson: GOP’s Keystone XL Bill Is Unconstitutional

Grayson: Keystone XL Pipeline is an Earmark | Congressman Alan Grayson

This is so supremely beautiful I can hardly contain myself; James Wilson would be proud:

The shorthand version: The Northern Route Approval Act allows TransCanada a back-door approval process by privileging it from going through standard approval processes. The Act violently shreds Separation of Powers by attempting to usurp presidential authority. Do House Republicans need reminding that Separation of Powers is one of the most fundamental pillars of the U.S. Constitution? Or does Republican loyalty reside elsewhere? The House can’t vote on a strict earmark per House Rules Republicans insisted upon, but more importantly the House can’t vote on an unconstitutional bill.

Unsurprisingly, Chairman of the Committee on Rules, Pete Sessions, ruled Grayson’s privileged resolution “out of order.”

p.s. Alan Grayson for President



2 Responses to Thwarting Subversion: The Northern Route Approval Act

  1. Cat Kin says:

    Listening to Grayson Interview and reading his objection to the Keystone XL Bill, he does seem to have an unusually clear head as well as an understanding of political effectiveness. At this point I would have to agree that he would be a better candidate than Mrs. Clinton, and most definitely, a better defender of the Progressive movement. But can he garner broad support?

    • PJ says:

      Garnering support is a matter of political will on the part of the DNC. I shouldn’t think the DNC possesses the political will to shift their agenda from DLC to Progressive any time soon, but one never knows. For the time being Grayson is most valuable in the House. At some point in the future, not necessarily the next presidential race, Grayson would make a formidable candidate and a president of historic calibre – in my view.

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