Gov. Scott Walker to hide behind closed doors to sign his second budget into law

I’d hide too if I had to sign such an atrocious budget into law…

To sign Wisconsin’s 2013-14 budget, Gov. Scott Walker will again be heading into friendly territory, highlighting the business of a generous campaign donor.

Walker’s office didn’t immediately respond to a message asking why Catalyst Exhibits — an exhibit design company that rents and sells products for trade shows and commercial design with offices in the U.S., the Netherlands and China — in Pleasant Prairie was chosen for Sunday’s signing.

Two things worth noting:

  • This budget is the second that Scott Walker will avoid signing in a public place, while former Gov. Jim Doyle signed every budget that came to his desk in a public place.
  • Catalyst Exhibits CEO Paul Stahlberg forked over $20,000 to help Walker win last year’s recall election, and the company’s president, Tim Roberts, kicked in another $20,000, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s campaign finance database.

2 comments to Gov. Scott Walker to hide behind closed doors to sign his second budget into law

  • Since the Republicans are so dang proud of the this budget and the non-budget items that they buried in it, you’d think the governor would want to sign this on the mainstage at Summerfest!!


  • steve

    ed, if he does that, it will mark the return of “the seven words you can’t say on television” to summerfest.


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