I’d hide too if I had to sign such an atrocious budget into law…

To sign Wisconsin’s 2013-14 budget, Gov. Scott Walker will again be heading into friendly territory, highlighting the business of a generous campaign donor.

Walker’s office didn’t immediately respond to a message asking why Catalyst Exhibits — an exhibit design company that rents and sells products for trade shows and commercial design with offices in the U.S., the Netherlands and China — in Pleasant Prairie was chosen for Sunday’s signing.

Two things worth noting:

  • This budget is the second that Scott Walker will avoid signing in a public place, while former Gov. Jim Doyle signed every budget that came to his desk in a public place.
  • Catalyst Exhibits CEO Paul Stahlberg forked over $20,000 to help Walker win last year’s recall election, and the company’s president, Tim Roberts, kicked in another $20,000, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s campaign finance database.

2 Responses to Gov. Scott Walker to hide behind closed doors to sign his second budget into law

  1. Since the Republicans are so dang proud of the this budget and the non-budget items that they buried in it, you’d think the governor would want to sign this on the mainstage at Summerfest!!

  2. steve says:

    ed, if he does that, it will mark the return of “the seven words you can’t say on television” to summerfest.

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