I find this incredibly creepy…

Paul Ryan's fish

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9 Responses to Paul Ryan’s creepy fish kiss

  1. John Casper says:

    Nice catch.

    Doubt this will hurt him as much as those $300 bottles of wine at DC restaurant where the menu is in FRENCH only.


  2. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Small Mouth Bass meets Large Mouth Jerk…

  3. Ed Heinzelman says:

    The two big questions…who baited his hook and who took the fish off his bait…he isn’t dressed for fishing!

  4. mike schmidt says:

    Lyin Ryan Just like a fish, They both start to stink the longer they are around. Mr bassackwards.

  5. nonquixote says:

    What’s really creepy is that DPW and county “D,” party affiliates are not worried about their own party credibility, illustrated by their refusing to utter one word of criticism about the doings of the national “D,” party, starting at the top with the war criminal-in-chief, Obomber, about the Wall Street affiliations and DOJ refusal to prosecute bank criminals, about unconstitutional surveillance of US citizens and the fact that things such as the sequester are not being applied to the US military or NSA, each submitting record high budgets. It is rare to get any of that even from major WI bloggers, who imply that they are blue or “D,” leaning.

    A little searching will show you that the KXL, EIS was written by a persons affiliated with the API (American Petroleum Institute). With Oilbomber using the vague, “significant,” modifier in front of, “harmful carbon emissions,” (a lot of wiggle room for that worm) and a former Keystone executive was just put in charge by Oilbombya to handle Keystone matters. The exact route of the proposed pipeline is a national security secret.

    Ask the regional DPW hired, 72 county strategic “beat Walker,” organizer in your area a couple of questions about these topics and you will not get a reply. State DPW has no credibility to be asking you or I for anything in the coming election cycles until the hold their own party responsible for a large part of the fascist state we are living in. DCCC cutting funding to our local D, US congressional candidate a month before the 2012 elections.

    Not saying that there are currently no fine “D,” legislators or candidates coming up that truly hold to traditional progressive or small, “d,” principles. Party affiliation has nothing to do with those fine people. Does it need to be said, it’s extremely important to know the candidate, party affiliation not-withstanding.

    So, I guess we will all continue to hear silly worthless crap about Ryan, Walker, the state Republican legislators and Snowden, and other distractions but will not hear an utterance about the decrepit and vacuous, disingenuous Dem Party itself.

    Though I’ve said this before, state Dems should break with the national party, find a new name and get on with attempting to actually get government back in the hands of we the people. If they aren’t going to hold their own party leaders accountable, they have no credibility.

  6. Grung_e_Gene's Daddy says:

    Down south we sometimes kiss a fish before we through it back for luck. I can’t believe how you people act online. That’s a large mouth bass too, not surprised that you can’t tell the difference (after all you voted for Obama) go figure. I go fishing on my lunch break sometimes and I’m a computer tech, dressed for fishing my ass. Guess this dumb ass thinks you have to wear a fishing suit to fish. Paul Ryan is an alpha male and that makes you guys feel like little boys, get over it.

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