Republican budget to leave state with $500 million deficit in 2015, would raise property taxes

So much for Republicans in our Legislature eliminating our state’s budget deficit and lowering taxes…

The typical homeowner’s property taxes would rise by $29 this year, income-tax payers would see an average $158 cut next year, and the state’s 2015-’17 budget would face a projected half-billion-dollar shortfall, under the latest version of Republicans’ state budget bill.

The bill passed last week by the budget committee would turn the surplus currently enjoyed by the state into a potential deficit two years from now, according to one of a series of new reports from the Legislature’s nonpartisan budget office.

So much for all the rhetoric about Republicans “righting” Wisconsin’s fiscal ship while not raising taxes.


7 thoughts on “Republican budget to leave state with $500 million deficit in 2015, would raise property taxes

  1. Mike Schmidt

    Yet Another Failure From The Governor Of Fail

    Scott Walker 2014= Failure You Can Count On


  2. forgotmyscreenname

    Liars? Can you do math? +29 – 158 = -129 Still a cut! And eons better than we were under Doyle.


      1. forgotmyscreenname

        If my overall tax burden goes down it’s not an increase. Or put it this way, if they had done it differently by 0 on property tax with 0 decrease on income tax but redirecting $29 to the locals, you would have nothing to squawk about but the overall tax burden wouldn’t have gone down either.


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