So much for Republicans in our Legislature eliminating our state’s budget deficit and lowering taxes…

The typical homeowner’s property taxes would rise by $29 this year, income-tax payers would see an average $158 cut next year, and the state’s 2015-’17 budget would face a projected half-billion-dollar shortfall, under the latest version of Republicans’ state budget bill.

The bill passed last week by the budget committee would turn the surplus currently enjoyed by the state into a potential deficit two years from now, according to one of a series of new reports from the Legislature’s nonpartisan budget office.

So much for all the rhetoric about Republicans “righting” Wisconsin’s fiscal ship while not raising taxes.


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7 Responses to Republican budget to leave state with $500 million deficit in 2015, would raise property taxes

  1. Cat Kin says:

    How do we get this headline and information into the major newspapers of the state?

  2. Mike Schmidt says:

    Yet Another Failure From The Governor Of Fail

    Scott Walker 2014= Failure You Can Count On

  3. Ed Heinzelman says:

    2015 is one of those years that deficits don’t matter!

  4. forgotmyscreenname says:

    Liars? Can you do math? +29 – 158 = -129 Still a cut! And eons better than we were under Doyle.

    • Property taxes went up, right? That’s an increase in property taxes, you hack.

      • forgotmyscreenname says:

        If my overall tax burden goes down it’s not an increase. Or put it this way, if they had done it differently by 0 on property tax with 0 decrease on income tax but redirecting $29 to the locals, you would have nothing to squawk about but the overall tax burden wouldn’t have gone down either.

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