Texas Gov. Rick Perry leaving governorship to run for President

Good luck with that, fella.

Rick Perry is stepping down as the longest-serving governor in Texas history to clear the decks for a 2016 presidential campaign, according to several well-placed Republican sources. They said Perry is stepping down to make sure his declining popularity among Texas Republicans won’t complicate his Oval Office ambitions.

Several Texas Republican sources told National Journal that despite Perry’s insistence Monday that he hasn’t decided on another presidential race, the governor has been passing the word for months he’ll definitely run again in 2016.

According to the National Journal’s report,Perry’s calculation is that leaving the Texas statehouse in 2015 will give him the preparation time he didn’t have in 2012, with the notion that Perry wlil be a more imposing candidate with the benefit of more time to prepare.

Personally, I think Rick Perry is dumb as a box of rocks, as he demonstrated during the 2012 Republican presidential primaries.

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