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The new face of Gogebic Taconite

GTAC militiaGTAC militia 2No way of telling if these guys are Homeland Security, employees of mining company Gogebic Taconite (GTAC), or KKK (yes they exist up here in the North).  They appeared in the Penokee Hills at a GTAC rock sample drilling site this weekend. This followed a peaceful press conference and citizen testimony at a meeting of the Iron County, Wisconsin Board of Supervisors in nearby Hurley on Friday. The board was considering zoning regulations that would apply to GTAC when they attempt to create the world’s largest open pit Iron mine in the pristine Penokee Hills, headwaters of the Bad River Watershed. Blogging Blue readers who are interested can keep abreast of developments by going to the Citizens Concerned about the Proposed Penokee Mine [f]Facebook Group site, or to www.savethewatersedge.com

11 comments to The new face of Gogebic Taconite

  • That’s some serious firepower….what are they expecting, a zombie apocalypse?


  • anon

    aww isnt that just the cutest thing!?


  • John Casper

    Is that an “unregulated” militia? How many other guys are out there?

    Are there local or state laws about “private” police forces?

    I guess electric fencing just made too much sense.

    If the point is to keep folks away, why the camouflage? Isn’t that for snipers?


  • Zach Knock it the hell off

    You are just beyond the pale. Random knots or wannabe Klan individual posers can exist anywhere, even your next door neighbor could have some delusion. But this smug “fact” you pull out of your backside re: yes the Klan is up north. God you are ridiculous. The Klan was active up here, like pre-1950 or so. The main target was Catholics. There was some ugliness in Duluth area against blacks. But that was LONG ago.
    The current UNSKKKK chapter list does not have a N WI realm listed, nor is there other evidence a chapter is here. You don’t even live here. I do and have for a long time. There are no signs of Klan activity. There’s a lot of meth, some Hmong gangs from the cities, but even that is not often a problem. There was one fixated emotionally disturbed boy in my daughter’s HS class who “played Klan” but that is not what you are talking about here.
    Where’s Klan up here? Serious Klan. Where are your smug pronouncement coming from. No? got nothing? You are so full of ignorance and crap I don’t know why you have a single reader left.
    And FYI there was vandalism at a tribal site the year before the GTAC mine appeared. Completely unrelated. It was internal. A tribal arsonist and vandal messed up Al Baker’s sweat lodge and some other stuff before a Pow wow. Beyond that, Tribal politics gets ugly just like anybody’s. People mess around, cause problems. But you’d have to actually have knowledge of life up here to know that. It could be Mine sympathizers retaliating this time, it could be more internal tribal problems. It could even be bored stupid white kids messing around. Time will tell. I’m Anti-mine, and anti-GTAC, I’m also Anti-you. There’s no excuse for your irresponsible smear statements.
    and Readers, Zach has 34 trackers he’s loading you up with. 34. Seem a bit excessive? Yeah, a bit.


    • Hi Q/Boomtown Rat/Annie K.-

      Long time no see!

      I’m not entirely sure what your new screen name is all about…what exactly am I supposed to knock the hell off? If your issue is the content of the post itself, I suggest you take it up with James, as he wrote the post in question.


      • John Casper

        Zach, I’d say this particular topic hit a nerve.


        • Eh, this particular individual has some sort of grudge, and he/she isn’t going to let facts get in the way. It seems the person has an issue with the content of this post and has decided to attack me because of it, but the funny thing is that I didn’t write this post – James did.

          Apparently facts won’t get in the way of a personal attack though.


    • John Casper

      Knock it,

      Can you elaborate on what actions you have taken to embody the “anti-GTAC” claim you made?

      To what groups have you donated?

      Do you have any photos of yourself at a demonstration?

      Have you signed any petitions?

      You claim to be anti-mine. What does that mean? Are you against all mining? If not, what kind of mining do you think can be done responsibly.

      Also, how do you know so much about the Klan?


  • tom jackson

    The ‘pristine’ Penokee Hills….ever been there? Looks exactly the same as the other thousands of acres of Northern WI. Has the same impoverished small towns scattered to every side of the woods, where unemployed 40 and 50-year-olds lie awake at night worrying about the lack of future for their heroin-addicted kids. ‘KKK’? seriously? the writer clearly knows nothing about Wisconsin; the area is a combination of Caucasians and native Americans who rarely are at odds. If the KKK wanted to settle that area, they would have to drive 4-5 hours to find someone of African American descent (longer on horseback!).

    The guards were hired after local law enforcement refused to intervene when MASKED ECO-NUTS harassed workers and stole equipment. Everyone wants us to use American steel…. ever wonder where steel comes from? As for ‘world’s largest’– I wish! maybe people would love to have SOMETHING to do beyond selling their land to rich people from Illinois and moving into trailer parks.


    • John Casper

      tom, love you with Chris Berman.

      tj: “The ‘pristine’ Penokee Hills….ever been there?”


      tj: “Looks exactly the same as the other thousands of acres of Northern WI.”

      Pics or GTFO.

      tj: “Has the same impoverished small towns scattered to every side of the woods,”

      Rural poverty? Who is to blame?

      tj: “where unemployed 40 and 50-year-olds”

      So everyone under 40 has a job?

      tj: “lie awake at night”

      Are you with the NSA? How would you know?

      tj: “worrying about the lack of future for their heroin-addicted kids.”

      So, why aren’t there elected representatives raising hell about the job-killing government regulations against marijuana? I would never encourage anyone, who did not have a serious illness to use it, but the prohibition against alcohol did not work either.

      tj: “‘KKK’? seriously?”

      What do you know about the “Creativity Movement” in Mountain WI?

      tj: “the writer clearly knows nothing about Wisconsin;”

      He at least knows a lot more than you.

      tj: “the area is a combination of Caucasians”

      Is that like people from the “Caucases,” you know Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev?

      tj: “and native Americans”

      Someone so familiar with the area should be able to name all the tribes.

      tj: “who rarely are at odds.”

      Could you provide an example of what happens when they are “at odds.”

      tj: “If the KKK wanted to settle that area,”

      Is this like the Mormons “settling” in Utah?

      tj: “they would have to drive 4-5 hours to find someone of African American descent (longer on horseback!).”

      Is the KKK now pro-Jewish, pro-Catholic, and pro-immigrant? Do you have a link?

      tj: “The guards”

      If they are “guards,” what are they doing in camouflage? What’s the point of “guarding” something, if you’re hiding in the woods?

      tj: “were hired after local law enforcement refused to intervene”

      If they “refused,” how come a woman got arrested? http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3040822/posts

      If Gogebic isn’t thrilled with the level of support they’re getting, it might have something to do with the fact that Gov. Walker’s mining law means local communities get ZERO tax revenue from Gogebic. What little revenue is collected bypasses them and goes to Madison. It’s another example of you big-government types hating LOCAL government.

      It also might be because people up there know Gogebic is going to SOCIALIZE all the risk, polution, ruining the water table with sulphuric acid, onto the taxpayers. That makes us capitalists unhappy. I realize you’re an “I’m Ok, you’re Ok, kind of fella, but some of us are old fashioned. We don’t think government’s the answer to every problem. If you make a mess, you should clean it up.

      tj: when MASKED ECO-NUTS harassed workers and stole equipment.

      Could you provide some detail? Was this sexual harassment? What equipment was stolen? How much was it worth? Why wasn’t it locked down?

      Do you know what iron sulphide is?

      tj: “Everyone wants us to use American steel….”

      No, you’re wrong. Your guy, President Obama, doesn’t want to use American steel. He and the rest of the oligarchs (and their monopolies Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Wal-Mart, Newscorp, Cargill, Chevron, Halliburton….) are trying to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership, aka “NAFTA on steroids.” http://www.thomhartmann.com/forum/2013/06/trans-pacific-partnershipnafta-steroids

      Among other things it make it illegal to “Buy American.” It will prohibit us from stamping something “Made in America.”

      tj: “ever wonder where steel comes from?”

      If you knew anything about steel, you’d know the ore market is bearish “Iron ore suffers sharp fall on fears over outlook for China” http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/87ba4052-ca13-11e2-8f55-00144feab7de.html#axzz2YbU9WXoh

      Since Gogebic’s net income is down, Scott Walker’s giving them welfare in exchange for campaign donations. Gov. Walker knows that by the time the sulphuric acid ruins the area, he’ll be on wingnut welfare at some oligarch’s think tank. My guess is the Hoover Institute at Stanford. Please note what eight years of Gov. Walker’s deferred maintenance did to Milwaukee County. http://www.jsonline.com/news/milwaukee/cleanup-crews-swarm-courthouse-in-massive-effort-after-fire-b9950819z1-214768761.html Evidently no one told him, buildings just don’t maintain themselves.

      tj: “As for ‘world’s largest’– I wish! maybe people would love to have SOMETHING to do beyond selling their land to rich people from Illinois and moving into trailer parks.”

      Wood is a RENEWABLE resource. Using pyrolysis, It can produce natural gas. Used properly, it can in many cases replace steel in construction. “Building Tall with Wood” http://www.aia.org/practicing/AIAB097671

      This place doesn’t run for free. If you’re going to insult the author, James, first send Zach $50 bucks.


    • Tom,

      Great promo for the north woods of Wisconsin. Heroin addicted kids and losers. GTAC will save them all. Very inspiring. Please visit often. People will gravitate almost instinctively toward you and your ilk, what with your concern for our welfare and all. It borders on the overwhelming.


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