From the Book of Faces comes news of a fundraiser in Milwaukee on Thursday, August 29 for Democratic Senator Kathleen Vinehout.

Here are the details:

Please join us for a fundraiser for state Senator Kathleen Vinehout on Thursday, August 29th on Milwaukee’s east side. Kathleen is one of the strongest advocates in Wisconsin for a strong, balanced education system, making sure the little guy in our state has a chance, and is always standing up for her community in western Wisconsin. Please join me in ensuring she continues to be an advocate in our state senate!

Sponsorships are $100
$50 suggested minimum contribution
$20 limited income.

You can give via ActBlue here:

More details on Kathleen and all she does for our great state here:

Paddy’s Pub
2339 N. Murray Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
(One block north of North Avenue)

Authorized and paid for by Friends of Chris Larson, Theodore Lipscomb, Sr., Treasurer

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4 Responses to Fundraising event for Senator Kathleen Vinehout

  1. Duane12 says:

    Senator Vinehout has represented me, here in Jackson County, to an heroic degree. I will not go into details other than to say being a Catholic and a Democrat adds difficulties for both a Catholic politician and a Catholic citizen. My belief is based upon my personal experience and upon some statements and actions by Catholic bishops and the clergy at the last election.

    I was a contributor and supporter in Senator Vinehou’s previous bid to be governor.

    IMO, Senator Vinehout can be compared to some of the greats in Wisconsin’s political history. She was early and prominent among our political heroes in their reaction to the immoral ACT 10.

  2. Shaina says:

    does this mean shes gonna run for governor?

    • Duane12 says:

      I appears to me she may, but I have no personal knowledge. Funds will be a major factor IMO. And except for western Wisconsin, folks in major state population centers, Milwaukee, Racine-Kenosha, Madison, and Green Bay-Appleton-Oshkosh aren’t all that familiar with her. It takes big bucks to gain recognition which is not breaking news as you may know.

  3. nonquixote says:

    Ms Vinehout was the only person to receive any monetary contribution from me in the last election cycle for Gov which happened prior to Barrett being selected by the national D’s to quell populist sentiment in the state. Hard working, extremely intelligent, reasoning, an exceptional communicator, and far beyond the qualifications necessary to be merely the governor of any state in this union, I would be thrilled to see an authentic grass roots, small, “d,” candidate, such as Ms Vinehout in the upcoming race.

    Please give me any crap about odds of winning or her chances. She is continually proving herself and I am seriously concerned about the odds of any genuine equality as a person, for my female child, under any other possible candidate in the upcoming election cycle and beyond.

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