What follows is part five in an ongoing series of guest blogs by Graeme Zielinski, who is reporting on the latest developments in the Milwaukee County John Doe investigation of Scott Walker.

In hundreds of emails released last week from the John Doe criminal corruption probe, we see Scott Walker’s unified political command illegally masterminding a coverup following the collapse of O’Donnell Park in 2010.

We see Scott Walker personally rewriting headlines.

We see jailbirds like Tim Russell and Kelly Riendfleisch complain about internal politics.

We see Walker political hacks like Keith Gilkes illegally commanding Milwaukee County staff.

We see a conspiracy to subvert Wisconsin’s Open Records laws.

We see lapdog Charlie Sykes referenced as a useful tool to Walker’s gubernatorial campaign.

What is stunning, over these thousands of words and hundreds of emails, is what we don’t see.

Not ONCE is there any regret over the death of a 15-year-old boy.

10 Responses to Graeme Zielinski: Where’s the regret from Scott Walker & associates over the death of Jared Kellner

  1. Was the O’Donnell Park tragedy maybe Ed Garvey’s fault? After all, he did start the war in Iraq.


  2. Duane 12,

    How do you propose to do that? How does Zieliinski propose to do that? And do you really believe voters across the state care whether or not a relative handful of Madisonites get arrested for singing in the rotunda? Especially when people find out they could have avoided arrest by getting a permit?

    Is this all we have going into November 2014? Release the damned documents and let us sing? We want to sing while we beat dead horses?

    Where’s our candidate? Where’s our message? What do we stand for?

    Sweet weeping mother of God, we are doomed here in Wisconsin if we don’t get a grip and get real.

    • Steve, you may not find the arrests of folks at the Capitol or the John Doe investigation documents to be worth writing about, but I do.

      Personally, I’d like to see the entirety of the John Doe investigation documents released, because I’d love to take a peek at Scott Walker’s deposition.

      If you want answers on who our candidate will be and what our message will be, you’ll have more success asking someone in the DPW.

      • Zach,

        Chisholm has declined to prosecute. I was as stunned and disappointed as anyone else, but it’s over. And Nettesheim has said the documents won’t be released. Is there still a story here?

        As far as the singalong goes I believe my state senator, Bob Jauch, has suggested that the singers get a permit. I agree with him. When people start suggesting on lefty blogs that the Dems subject themselves to mass arrest in the rotunda, or that democracy itself is in peril if we don’t support the singers, or, as has been suggested on this blog by a well meaning commenter, that the singalong is the leading edge of opposition to Walker, the needle on my patience meter spikes and I trip a breaker.

        I took a group of people to the capitol in early June, people who are slated to lose their Badgercare via Walker’s budget. None of them had ever been there before or ever spoken to an elected official about anything. They asked me what the singing was about and I told them. They thought it was silly and annoying. I was unable to convince them that this was a crucial fight to keep free speech alive and well in Wisconsin.

        I guess some people just don’t get it. Count me among them.

  3. Duane12 says:

    It is all quite simple, even for you to see, Steve Carlson: Scott Walker’s crimes against humanity such as denial and/or increasing cost of and restricting accessibility of healthcare, especially for women; his attack on basic freedom rights guaranteed to all citizens, even those that sing, by the State and Federal Constitutions; his complicity in a secret Milwaukee County government and illegal fund raising; his incompetence as an administrator first evidenced by the Milwaukee Court House guards debacle and later as a governor with the lack of WEDC oversight and its squandering of state funds; his ignorance in selecting competent or experienced persons to state positions; his inability to achieve anything close to 2500 new jobs promised; his lack of an education, degree or commensurate business experience; and the list is “infinatum” as suggested by Graeme’s “we see…” makes Walker unfit for the position he occupies.

  4. Duane 12,

    So things are well in hand for 2014? Whew! That’s a relief! Pardon my histrionics.

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