I’m gonna be busy working on building my second Little Free Library today, so here’s your chance to run the blog.

What’s on your mind?


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  1. I guess I’m more and more bothered by some of the conservative postings… it’s almost as if they’ve taken hatred to a whole new level and only want Christians living in our country… no atheists, no Muslims, no Buddhists, no gays… Our country was FOUNDED on those seeking religious freedoms (OK, not really, it was truly founded by Native Americans, but after that I mean…). It is disgrace to me, a Christian, that the majority of hate, discrimination, and homophobia in this country is coming from people who call themselves “Christian”. That is not the love that Jesus modeled for us whatsoever! What are these people thinking? When will our country become sane again?

  2. Danl says:

    Hi Zach: Good for you for making Little Free Libraries. But please remind folks that they are not substitutes for real libraries! My conservative and affluent community of Hudson has vastly underfunded our library for years and I can just hear them saying we don’t need it at all with “little free libraries popping up everywhere.”

    Unless you are making one that has internet for those who don’t have that, and a reading program for kids, and …

    The attitude here is you can have anything your own money can buy.

    • Danl, I absolutely agree that Little Free Libraries aren’t substitutes for the real thing; I simply think they’re a great way to build community and augment what our public libraries are doing.

  3. Ben says:

    I’d like to use this “open” opportunity to thank people.

    Zach for caring about little free libraries. (And the many of you who find personal ways to contribute to the places you live and work.) Thank you.

    Senator Vukmir and fellow legislators who did away with WI’s residency requirements. Giving all state, county and municipal workers the same freedoms the rest of us have enjoyed for years. Thank you.

    Lena Taylor for her difficult and at times, unpopular work on the latest state budget. She never left her principles outside and she worked in a bipartisan fashion. (Something the folks on the hill talk endlessly about but never actually try,) Thank you.

    Chris Abele for trying to save a city- lesser men have given up on. And for not feeding the troll in the Sheriff’s Department. Thank you.

    The stranger I watched give her Starbucks coffee to an apparently homeless gentleman. You’ll never remember and I’ll never forget. Thank you.

    Wide Reciever Greg Jennings for helping me get over you quickly. Thank you.

    And not least, everyone who was patient with me last week. Thank you. 😉

  4. Dave Wollert says:

    I want to pass on info about the ACA. This is a simple condensed version that debunk’s many myth’s about the law. I would hope this get’s passed around. http://tv.msnbc.com/2013/08/18/link-obamacare-made-simpler/

  5. I’d like to thank Zach for putting up with me. Not everyone can.

    • Steve, I invited you to contribute here specifically because I knew you and I wouldn’t see eye to eye on every issue. While there are many that would expect a liberal blog to “toe the party line” on every issue, that’s not what I want. I want debate/dialogue/discussion, and that doesn’t come from everyone having the exact same views on issues.

      I think we’re better off as liberals/progressives/Democrats when we’re challenging each other, because that’s how we grow.

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