This is just unconscionable…

The mother of a six-year-old girl fears for her daughter’s safety after an Oklahoma judge awarded sole custody of the child to her convicted pedophile father.

Nicholas Elizondo served six years in jail after being convicted of lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age.

The girl’s mother, Lisa Knight, who divorced Elizondo when she was pregnant, claims her father had shown little interest in Sarah until she reached the age of his victim.

Despite having lived all her life in Norman, Oklahoma, a judge ruled that Sarah should live with the 55-year-old convicted sex offender in Bakersfield, California.

Even if Lisa Knight is somehow an unfit mother, I simply cannot understand how any reasonable person could think it would be a good idea to award custody (and placement) of her daughter to a registered sex offender whose previously victim (his stepdaughter) was the same age and gender as his daughter is now.

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2 Responses to Judge awards custody of 6 year-old girl to registered sex offender father

  1. Deborah Merritt says:

    Please sign petition Sarah Elizondo

    also please contact Oklahoma governor to remove Judge Howard Haralson from the bench!

    this judge also gave custody of 2 children to their fathers – fathers are convicted cocaine dealers!!

  2. Kristie McClaskey says:

    This is the most absurd thing that I have heard of in a while. Why on earth would this stupid ass judge give this little girl to this monster. The system makes me sick and this judge needs to be benched out of there.

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