Over a really cute photo of a squirrel in a tree, the Facebook ‘presence’ of the Solidarity Sing Along is now sending out invitations to the sing along…how totally disorganized:

This little critter wanted to stop by our Facebook page to invite everyone to tomorrow’s SSA. No promises or guarantees, but according to her website, folk singer and political activist Anne Feeney will be coming tomorrow, as well. Quite timely, eh? I do believe she might know a thing or two about protesting, singing songs of freedom, and getting arrested for standing up against oppression. She’s performing tomorrow night at the Labor Temple, and it says she’ll be joining the singers at noon. Anne, we eagerly await your return to the SSA!

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  1. real activist, not self-promotion con says:

    Sit on your couch, bozo, and pretend your petty little blog makes a difference.

    At least the singers aren’t sittin’ on the sideline pretneding to lead the parade — you’re a hack.

    • If you’re going to throw around insults, at least have the decency (and courage) to do so using your real name, instead of using the myriad of pseudonyms you’ve used as a commenter here.

      If you can’t stop hiding behind fake screen names, then I’d suggest you keep your insults to yourself.

  2. PJ says:


    Are the Singers affiliated with an umbrella group of some kind?

    • Duane12 says:

      No, the Solidarity Singers are still an independent disorganization, a freelance group, a freedom-fest, a spontaneous gathering, who regularly meet at noon on weekdays at the Capitol, ad hoc, to sing and and witness their disapproval at the maladministration and oppressive legislation by a “crude and vindictive” zealot and his enablers.

    • Nope…and mostly what Duane12 said.

  3. PJ says:

    Thanks, Duane. I didn’t think so. In which case a Facebook presence doesn’t seem to me to hold any significance at all in terms of organization. The Istanbul resistance has a Facebook page – more than one. So, would several Facebook pages suggest a higher degree of organization? The correlation is unsound. The suggestion that utilization of social media to promote a cause proves or instantiates some level of formalized organization rather than individuals assembling with common tactics toward a common political goal is simply insensible.

    If social media presence is our standard for organization, then the entire community of Blogging Blue commenters – whether that community comments or simply observes the comments of others would constitute an organized political community. Perhaps that’s not the best analogy, but it seems to me Facebook Presence isn’t a negative on disorganization. Kind of a stretch.

    It is my understanding that the current iteration of the Solidarity Singers are an outgrowth of the major protests in 2011. In which case, the repetition of spontaneous resistance by individuals, not a formalized group, seems painfully obvious, but maybe it’s just me.

    Ed, perhaps you can sum it up for me here. What do you find significant about the Singers’ Facebook Presence? How is this germane? To me, it is suggestive of absolutely nothing more than individuals assembling per their Constitutional right to do so, therefore, I’m kind of stymied that you’ve drawn attention to it.

    • well yes it is germane…if it were simply a site that documented what happened in the rotunda yesterday or the day before…or was simply a filter for citizens to vent or expound on what was going on…I’d say that this Facebook presence had no bearing on this being an organization…but that isn’t what is happening here.

      Someone has set up the page and using it to directly invite people for a particular event at a particular time at a particular place with specific criteria…instructions are provided on securing a songbook…special guests are announced…someone is speaking as Solidarity Sing along…although someone has suggested either here or elsewhere…this ain’t a flash mob.

      Now I am not suggesting that organization is a bad thing…as a matter of fact I think a lot of more good would come out of an organized resistance in the Capitol…

      • PJ says:

        And here’s another question – sorry I’m being a pest – but honestly I really just don’t get it. How is a site that documents “post-event” can be substantively differentiated from a site that documents “prior” to the event? I’m not grasping your distinction – you think these are different qualities, but I don’t understand why. Moreover, if the protest is habitual, as it appears to be, then the post-event standard isn’t applicable.

        My two cents there would be the resistance is ongoing, and to my mind, should be ongoing until Walker is no longer governor and those in state government who support his policies no longer hold the people hostage to their extremist agenda.

      • Duane12 says:

        I’ve was an accountant most of my career; Manufacturing Cost Manager, CFO, Credit Union President-Manager, and self-employed doing personal, corporate, and small business taxes. I’ve been a Scout Master, Knights of Columbus member, and involved in other structured groups, societies, clubs, having a formal membership with an elected or appointed leader as well as officers and a mission statement or charter.

        All the above businesses and formally structured groups can be deemed “organizations.”

        The Solidarity Singers are not an organization in that sense of the word IMO. Nor would the daily coffee break gang at the place of employment inviting a new guy to join them be classified as an “organization.”

        I consider the Solidarity Singers a “movement” as other protest groups are and much of the early civil right’s groups were.

        The verb “Organizing” does not infer nor automatically define the Solidarity Singers are the noun, “Organization” at this time.

        • PJ says:

          Excellent. Thank you – I think “movement” was the sense I was noodling through. Perfect. Yes. That’s the parallel I saw with Gezi. “Movement” encompasses diversity in purpose as well.

  4. PJ says:

    Ed, Perhaps you can answer the following queries as well:

    I didn’t participate in the Madison protests, therefore, I didn’t participate in any Solidarity Singing. But now that you’ve brought the Singers’ Facebook page to my attention, I might want to “like” it. If I do, have I joined the Solidarity Singers? Am I now one of their “organization”?

    Or how might you cogently explain organization in terms of Singers who sing in Madison, but don’t participate online. At what level would these individuals be distinguished in the organizational structure of the Solidarity Singers?

    • you are now confusing the forest and the trees.

      • PJ says:

        You mean I can’t see the forest for the trees? Perhaps. I’m awfully confused, that’s certain. Then again I wouldn’t tend to see the forest any more an entity of design than the trees from which it is composed. I’d tend to view forestation in a similar way as singers who periodically solidify – organically assembled and with fluidity – in terms of a dynamic structure.

        Your “first mover” apology for disproving of a flashmob doesn’t hold since a flashmob needs a “first mover” too. I remain unconvinced that the Solidarity Singers can be considered anything but individual exercise of free speech. Assembly nor how assembly is achieved doesn’t preclude individuals from representing the entity of the assembly protected by Constitutional right. If said assembly has no legal designation assigned to it by the state (e.g. incorporation), then it seems natural justice would suggest whatever level of assembly is achieved would be the mere manifestation and not the represented entity itself. If so, parsing out the forest from the trees wouldn’t be germane.

        • you are now confusing the forest and the trees.

          what I meant was…just because you can see and identify individual trees and none of them actually ‘run’ or ‘lead’ the forest…doesn’t mean the forest doesn’t exist. And in Madison…simply because there isn’t a leader doesn’t mean there isn’t an organization…when most of the individual players (or singer this case) tend toward their common goal and activity.

          Maybe a better analogy is a flock of geese…they fly in a V because it is the most efficient use of their resources…and although one goose is in the lead at any given time…that leadership is fluid and undefined.

          • PJ says:

            Okay, Ed. I think I see where you are going with this, but I’m still at a loss as to the importance of acknowledging the existence of an assembly (organization). The assembly isn’t at issue is it? The assembly is only at issue if arbitrary restrictions are imposed upon its mode or numerical allotment. Ultimately, the permit thing isn’t about the Solidarity Singers; it’s about the occupation of the people’s house, correct?

            And, I do agree with you regarding better organization altogether.

            • Ed Heinzelman says:

              Heavens NO…it isn’t ultimately important…I was just pointing out what I think is a fallicious rationale for not getting a permit…doing the right thing for the wrong reason doesn’t always feel right…and if the whirlwind of animosity hadn’t descended on BB this week I wouldn’t have bothered to follow up.

              But if I can’t criticize what I think are issues on ‘our’ side, I can have no grounds to criticize the other side. And no BB isn’t a fair and equal site…it is after all liberal…but that doesn’t mean I should ignore stuff that doesn’t seem right just because it comes from the left side.

              There are some other posts coming that the SSA supporters may find more appealing…but I won’t be writing them to appeal to them…it will because I want to say it.

              • PJ says:

                I’m still not quite sure I understand what you regard as fallacious rationale. But, that’s only because I’m not thoroughly grounded here. So, you think the Singers should get a permit?

                • Ed Heinzelman says:

                  I am not suggesting they get a permit…they have at least one strong valid reason not to…I am just saying this one isn’t it.

  5. PJ says:

    Let me qualify that flashmob thing. I suggested you were the Flashmob apologist, but upon re-reading your entry, I see you were referencing criticism from elsewhere. My mistake. My apologies. Still, I’d say the same thing.

  6. Mikey says:

    Here’s what I’d like to know. We just posted 2nd in the nation for SAT scores. We have always been at the top of the pack. Where is an ad blitz showing how phony Walkers claims about public education has been? Where is the democratic party? For Christ sake where the hell is the opposition?

  7. Greg Gordon says:

    Ed, you need a hobby or something. I am one of many “administrators” of the SSA facebook page (facebook’s terminology, not mine), but I did not post the squirrel photo, and I had no idea anyone would be posting it. We don’t even consult with each other on what to post. Individuals just post things they think are relevant or interesting. There was no “special guest” at the Sing Along today. Anne Feeney is on a tour and someone noticed that she posted on her website that she planned to stop at the Capitol today and join the Sing Along. That was her right and her choice. She “invited” herself, just like every other citizen who shows up to sing. Someone saw Anne’s web site and posted the information on facebook.

    The daily sing along is not rocket science. Show up. Sing. Do it again tomorrow. It doesn’t need an organizer, or a leader, or publicity, or a budget, or meetings, or a board of directors. I find it really amusing that you are so obsessed with “catching” people being organized, like it even matters. It’s just people sharing music and ideas.

    Now I think I’ll go post on the Sing Along page that the Sing Along will be outside tomorrow, because it’s always outside on Fridays. That, and the secret board of directors has ordered me to. Must…obey…masters…

  8. Ed Heinzelman says:

    Greg…I have a hobby…thanks for replying to it…and as I said earlier to PJ…if no one had gotten so wound up it would have all passed over days ago.

  9. Duane12 says:

    And to end the weekend; photos on a Wisconsin movement: “Solidarity Sing along Friday, August 23, 2013 – Madison. WI”


    I pray, God love and keep the SSA until Monday next.

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