Just in case anyone actually believe Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke really is/was a Democrat, Sheriff Clarke will be the keynote speaker at an event later today sponsored by the Republican Party of Wisconsin – 4th Congressional District. Here are the details of the event.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin – 4th Congressional District


2nd Amendment Day 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Joe’s K Ranch

4840 S Whitnall Ave.  

Cudahy, WI


Classes start at 1:00pm

Reception at 5:00pm

Dinner at 6:00pm

Keynote Speaker Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.


In honor of Constitution Day on September 17th, The Republican Party of Wisconsin – 4th Congressional District will be hosting it’s First Annual 2nd Amendment Day Celebration.

CCW Classes will be provided by Elite Tactics and Training, LLC and will be offered to those who wish to obtain their Wisconsin CCW Permit.  If you already have a CCW Permit, an advanced class will be offered to current permit holders providing additional instruction to what you have already learned in a basic course; including gun handling, gun safety, and situational awareness. Class size is LIMITED, so get your space reserved now.

Once the classes are complete, we will host a reception hour in the bar at Joe’s K Ranch, with a Dinner Banquet to follow in the K Ranch’s Dining Room. Keynote Speaker will be Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. (Confirmed).

During the Dinner Banquet, we also will be holding a raffle drawing for three different style firearms. Raffle tickets sold seperately.

Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15 rifle
Mossberg 12ga shotgun w/2 stocks and 2 barrels
Ruger LC9 pistol with Crimson Trace Laser 

14 Responses to “Democrat” Sheriff David Clarke to attend Republican Party gun fetish events

  1. Cat Kin says:

    Maybe Clarke will plead for sensible regulation. >;-)

  2. Edward Susterich says:

    I wonder if the attendees will all be with weapons?

  3. nonquixote says:

    For the safety of any children being subjected to this indoctrination session attending, let’s hope the adults will only be shooting their own mouths off.

  4. There’s gotta be a ” handgun and hard liquor ” happy hour in there somewhere. They probably just omitted it from the program.

  5. Charmane says:

    Just wait and see how violent it becomes. I mean a place with all those guns, must be super dangerous! Over under on 3 shootings taking place…..

  6. PJ says:

    At a children’s event In California a 6-8 year old child accidentally pulls trigger in policeman’s holstered gun – shoots the officer in the leg:


    If recent history is a guide, at least injury may occur at this event. I’m hoping not. I also hope that participants at this event remember that Constitution Day didn’t exist until 2004. It doesn’t actually exist now. Prior to a sneak addition into a spending bill by Senator Robert Byrd, the holiday was known simply as Citizenship Day. Now its official holiday title is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.

    USCS has a nice sentiment for Constitution Week (September 17-23): “During this time, USCIS encourages Americans to reflect on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and what it means to be a U.S. citizen.”


    • Charmane says:

      The article you provide is for a children’s event. I’d blame the officer, not the gun. I’ve had a gun loaded at my apartment for 2 years, since the day I moved in. No problems, no accidents. From the time I was about 6 until I moved out at 18, my dad had about 3 guns loaded in our house. I knew where each one was and how to use it. Like most gun events, the people there are responsible, and 99% of all guns will never be fired at someone. You are 5 times more likely to die from choking to death, than being killed by a gun. I hope you raise a big stink every time you eat, because you are more likely to die from that, than from a gun, which someone has to use irresponsibly for you to die from!

      • PJ says:


        I’m sure your story is similar to many others. Accidents happen with responsible gun owners too. Worse with those who aren’t responsible. Unfortunately, there are unnecessary gun deaths and gun injuries happening all over the nation every day. At this point in our nation’s history, the question we face when it comes to firearms ownership is not the fitness of individuals but the fitness of our society of individuals.

      • PJ says:


        Here’s an ideal example which speaks to the idea that we need to reevaluate our gun culture and reconsider it not in terms of individuals, but society of individuals.


        If we focus on individuals, then I would say I value Jonathan Ferrell’s existence more than I value any individual citizen’s desire to own a gun. In my opinion the 2nd Amendment gun ownership culture is an unpredictable metastasis that has exceeded all means for possibly controlling it.

  7. PJ says:

    I apologize for misspelling your name. That’s a typo.

  8. DC says:

    PJ needs to read the Constitution. There is reason why liberals don’t like to talk about the Constitution and hate the Tea Party, etc. … Because the Constitution is a document that limits the power of government and is designed to protect the individual. hence the whackjobs on this site who despise freedom & liberty & will connive to undermine it.

  9. DC says:

    Have any of you read the Constitution?

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