Apparently the folks at Wisconsin Eye haven’t heard of the Fair Use Doctrine…

A cable public affairs channel demanded Friday that Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin pull an ad using the network’s footage of state Senate proceedings.

WisconsinEye Public Affairs Network sent its cease-and-desist letter to Planned Parenthood a day after the abortion rights group posted a spot online critical of Senate President Mike Ellis (R-Neenah). The group said it planned to run the ad on Green Bay television beginning Sept. 9.

Here’s the Planned Parenthood ad that Wisconsin Eye (and presumably Mike Ellis) don’t want you to see.

3 Responses to Here’s the Planned Parenthood ad Mike Ellis and Wisconsin Eye don’t want you to see

  1. Jerry Hanson says:

    Singing, observing and sign holding is not permitted at the Capitol…….now even a video record of actual legislative proceedings that were open to the public is not ACCEPTABLE! How far we have fallen.

  2. nonquixote says:

    Well worth bringing this up again for wider notice, Zach. Earlier from your blogroll list.

    Non-profit certainly should never infer non-partisan. We see here a good example of the, “job creators,” at work, for their own limited benefit. Should be part of a full employment project under the auspices of the state, employing state workers.

  3. EmmaR says:

    Er, is Ellis always so unprofessional and nasty? What a piece of work.

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