In what has to be the ultimate example of “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours,” it’s being reported that Republican State Rep. Mark Honadel, who’s set to resign any day now, is ditching his constituents mid-term for a job lobbying for a mining company.

A couple of weeks ago Ipredicted that the “opportunity in the private sector” that Honadel was ditching his constituents for would involved lobbying on behalf of or working for a company associated with mining. Given the fact that as a State Representative Honadel was instrumental in making it much, much easier for mining companies to strip mine in Wisconsin (he scratched their backs long and hard), it’s no surprise that he’s now being rewarded (they’re going to scratch his back equally hard).

So what do you think….where will Mark Honadel end up? Will he be working for Caterpillar? Perhaps Gogebic Taconite? Share your thoughts!

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