Thursday Music Late: Shakuhachi

Due to the incredible versatility of the traditional bamboo flute (shakuhachi), it has the ability to sustain any pitch, many of which the Western ear are unaccustomed. That very subtlety is evident in a few spots in the following performance of Tsuru no Sugomori which means “Nesting Cranes.” The title of the piece refers to “love and joy” traditionally represented by the nesting crane.


3 comments to Thursday Music Late: Shakuhachi

  • Ed Heinzelman

    as the father of a professional flute player…I have come to appreciate the flute in all of it’s cultural forms and expressions…thanks for posting this!


  • PJ

    You are one lucky father! Flute is a glorious instrument. I’m thrilled you enjoyed it… wasn’t sure if anybody would. There are some points that at first listen seem off key or discordant given its eastern origin.


  • Lovely. To anyone who has spent time in the contemporary music scene, this will sound quite familiar.


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