Quite frequently media articles that include an appearance by Senator Ted Cruz (R- Texas), always add something about Senator Cruz being a 2016 Presidential hopeful or some such nonsense.

So let’s end all speculation on Senator Cruz’s candidacy right here and now on Blogging Blue. As any self respecting Birther worth his or her salt will tell you…if you weren’t born in the good old US of A…you aren’t qualified to be president.

Nope…not happening…and we have already seen the Senator’s Canadian Birth Certificate. And until this past summer he (and he might still held although he said he was going to renounce it) dual US and Canadian citizenship.

Good Day Senator…and if the good citizens of Texas wise up after this fall’s ‘highlight reels’ hopefully they’ll remove you from Washington as well!

3 Responses to Time To End The Senator Cruz For President In 2016 Nonsense.

  1. Ed Heinzelman says:

    As my friend Doug pointed out today…we haven’t heard how Senator Cruz is celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving!

  2. EmmaR says:

    Of course a Cruz nomination will be a gift to the Democrats.

  3. CJ McD says:

    Even better if he chose Sara Palin as his running mate.

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