Here’s an interesting tidbit about tea party Republican Jessie Rodriguez, who’s running to replace Mark Honadel (R-Mining Companies) as the State Representative in the 21st district.

I have it on good authority from a reliable source that the firefighters who work with Aaron Rodriguez (Jessie Rodriguez’s husband) are so supportive of Aaron and Jessie that they’ve volunteered their time and effort to help elect Democrat Elizabeth Coppola.

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  1. Aaron Camp says:

    Even her husband’s co-workers don’t want Jessie Rodriguez in the Wisconsin State Assembly. That gives you a general idea of how atrocious Rodriguez would be if elected.

  2. Edward Susterich says:

    Elizabeth Coppola needs our help. Please volunteer for door-to-door canvassing that continues now through election day next Tuesday (November 19th).

    Get-out-the-vote effort continues on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Election Day on Tuesday, November 19th in South Milwaukee, Oak Creek, and a small chunk of Franklin. You need not be a resident of those communities, and the “other” candidate is certainly getting a ton of outside help.

    Stop by the campaign office at 7435 South Howell Ave (south of Rawson Avenue) to pick up campaign literature and map. It is easy to do for most, and it is good exercise.

    Even a couple of hours is valuable help, and a good outcome helps us all.

  3. Edward Susterich says:

    Elizabeth Coppola, the Democratic candidate for the assembly district, needs our help. The special election is next Tuesday, November 19th, for South Milwaukee, Oak Creek, and a small chunk of Franklin. The get-out-the-vote effort continues this weekend– Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Election Day on Tuesday.
    More volunteers are needed for door-to-door canvassing and literature distribution. Stop by the campaign office at 7435 South Howell Avenue (south of Rawson Avenue) and pick up a map and literature. You need not be a resident of the district, and the “other” candidate is sure getting a lot of “outside” help including out-of-state money being spent. The walk is easy for many, and it is good exercise. Prefer not to walk? Help is also needed for phone calls to get-out-the-vote. Just a couple of hours will help greatly, and a good outcome benefits all of us.

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