As anticipated and in advance of her fundraiser this evening, County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic has announced her candidacy for State Representative in Wisconsin’s 19th Assemby District. She is hoping to replace Rep. Jon Richards who is running for Wisconsin Attorney General. This announcement insures a Democratic Primary with Attorney Sara Geenen who has also launched a campaign for this assembly seat.

From my email inbox here is her official notification:

Dear Friends,

I am running for State Representative in Wisconsin’s 19th Assembly District because Milwaukee deserves more. As a lifelong resident of Milwaukee and a longtime Democrat, I am concerned about the direction of our great state. It’s time we come together and take our state back.

Ready on Day One: Our neighborhood has elected me to serve as Milwaukee County Supervisor for nearly 10 years. I have the experience necessary to fight for us in Madison on day one. I have traveled around the county by bus to emphasize the importance of public transportation while hosting townhall meetings.I have held hundreds of listening sessions since taking office in 2004.

Proven Results on Progressive Issues: As the leader of the Milwaukee County Board, I have fought and won on the issues that matter to you the most:

•Author of the Greenprint: a comprehensive plan for Milwaukee County to be environmentally sustainable

•Author of Milwaukee County’s Domestic Partnership Benefit law, ensuring equal rights

•Labor-supported champion for working families and a strong, trusted voice for workers’ rights. I have consistently voted in support of county budgets and policies that treat workers fairly. I believe that collective bargaining should be restored. Workers are part of the solution in our state’s economy rebounding.

•I have prioritized job creation by authoring a micro-loan initiative and supporting workforce training programs which have successfully placed hundreds in family-supporting construction jobs.

Public Education: I am a proud graduate of Milwaukee Public Schools and support strong, public schools that give everyone an opportunity to succeed.

Better Together: From Milwaukee’s Bay View, to the Third Ward, and Downtown to the East Side, we are better, together. Connected by the Hoan Bridge and progressive, democratic values we need our voice to be heard in Madison.

I hope to earn your vote on August 12th, 2014. With your support, I will be ready on day one to work on the issues that matter most to us, the ones I have already fought for and won on your behalf.

Now is the time to focus on creating jobs, investing in public education and ensuring equal rights for all residents of Wisconsin.

I’m in, and I need you! Please visit my website to join Team Marina and make your contribution today!



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