News outlets are starting to report of a heavy police presence at Children’s Hospital.  According to one unnamed source, his wife and son were on lockdown–though the situation may already be resolved.

No further information is available at this time.

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9 Responses to Reports of a possible shooter at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee

  1. John Casper says:

    Wow, really impressed with your speed on this.

    AFAIK, you scooped the JS by 12 minutes.

  2. Brian Eisold says:

    It just so happened that I was on my computer and communicating with someone who was on the scene. It’s saddens me to even have to report this story. I’m sure the next step is to have all us talking heads get together and have a “national dialogue” where everyone talks past each other and no one listens. All too predictable.

    • John Casper says:

      JS reporter just tweeted this‏

      Children’s Hospital alert to employees also says there’s no continuing threat. #shooter #Wauwatosa #Milwaukee

  3. Mark E. Bye says:

    Is it still too soon to talk about gun control?

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